mSpy Review: The Best App to Monitor Your Employee’s Activity

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mSpy Review: The Best App to Monitor Your Employee’s Activity >> Smartphone monitoring solutions have come a long way and have become a powerful tool. Especially for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids’ activities and suspecting spouses who want to ensure their partners are loyal to them. The same goes for employers who want to track their employee’s activity. One of the best apps to spy on iphone or other cellphone available today is mSpy. Unlike other spy apps, mSpy is created by a team of developers who understand the parents’ perspective and sympathize with the situation they are in.

That’s why mSpy is a spy app designed to serve the requirements of people who aren’t necessarily tech savvy but want to find out accurate information about their loved ones so they can make the right decisions at the right time. It doesn’t only allow them to ensure their employees are busy but delivers the peace of mind they are searching for. Here’s a brief review of what mSpy can do.

Remote Control Panel

The web based control panel called ‘mSpy Dashboard’ can be accessed using your own private credentials through any web browser on any device. It means that you neither have to install any app on your phone nor do you have to be bound by a single device. You can view and monitor the activities from anywhere any time you want.

No Jailbreak or Rooting Required

Many smartphone spy apps require you to jailbreak the target iOS device or root the Android device before installing the app. First of all, it is not user-friendly at all as it makes the process longer and secondly, it’s a technologically challenging task that not everyone is qualified to accomplish with ease. That’s why many spy apps are a non-starter for a majority of regular folks.

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Feature Rich – Track Calls, IMs, SMS, Social Media, & Browsing History

With mSpy, you basically get a complete monitoring solution which means that you can use it to track anything on the phone you want. From incoming and outgoing calls and sent and received texts to location tracking and browsing history, you get access to everything through mSpy dashboard. If you are worried that social media is overused during working hours, you can track all of the popular platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and more.

24/7 Customer Support

Although the mSpy app is designed to be user-friendly, the developers behind the app understand that you may have a concern or question about how it works. That’s why there is round the clock customer care available which you can access any time you want and a customer rep would be more than happy to address your concerns and answer the questions you may have.

Multiple Pricing Plans

The mSpy app offers a multitude of plans, including a free one, which you can sign up for according to your needs. It goes without saying that if you want access to more advanced features like keylogging and location tracking or want to spy on more than one devices, you will have to sign up for a premium plan which are quite reasonably priced as compared to the competition.

Final Word

If you are a concerned parent or a doubtful employer, you need a reliable phone monitoring solution that delivers the best of features at a reasonable price while maintaining privacy and security of all data. The mSpy app ticks all those boxes.

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