How Did Taliban Capture Afghanistan (Aug) Check Updates!

How Did Taliban Capture Afghanistan (Aug) Check Updates!

How Did Taliban Capture Afghanistan (Aug) Check Updates! >> This news is regarding the fights that gathered hundred of Islamic militant groups for ruling back. Read till the end of the article.

With the recent news of the Taliban and Afghanistan, there are many stunning and rapid takeovers of the forces and fights leading to a final withdrawal of the foreign troops. The Taliban and Afghanistan timeline of war has taken a measured step this independence day.

Readers and users from India and the United States have seen a major drift in the reality of corruption! Do you support the Afghan forces for the strong resistance? If no read more

Our experts have mentioned solid fats about How Did Taliban Capture Afghanistan?

About Taliban Relationship to Afghanistan 

Taliban in Afghanistan has been present in the war since 2001 for taking place in the US invasion. This country was to develop friend relationships, according to China. Still, the Afghan army troops want US troops to fight against the Taliban and different sporadic groups for creating a tension of conflict of 1978. 

Taliban Across Afghanistan Timeline

April 14, 21, president Jo announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, resulting in America’s longest war. This also speaks about – How Did Taliban Capture Afghanistan?

  • May 4 – Taliban attacks six provisions of Sadharan Helmand
  • June 7 –  150 off gun shoulders work and in 24 hours
  • June 22 –  Taliban launch a series of attacks in the north of the country
  • July 2 – Taliban road president a peace proposal
  • July 25 – the US contain used to support Afghan troops as per airstrike
  • July 26 – 2400, Afghan civilians were wounded and killed
  • August 6 – in the south zaranj the first provincial capital fall
  • August 14 -Taliban takeoff Mazar I Sharif as the capital of Logar province
  • August 15 – president Ghani fled from the Taliban and capped military victory of 10 days

How Did Taliban Capture Afghanistan

Covering up with extreme corruption, lack of training, and morals, many poor leadership decisions are commonly made by the US government and Taliban forces. As a result, many Afghan soldiers left the capital city after the age of Washington signed a deal of troop withdrawal.

It was the victory of the Taliban. The soldiers and local officials gradually started bombarding the area, which led to Afghan forces’ surrendering as a low-level government official Afghanistan Connaught march to the provincial capital. At last, for which dal in 90 days and Taliban captured the provision in less than a couple of weeks. Read also How Did Taliban Capture Afghanistan?

How Does It Affect India?

Regardless of many foreign and international security policies, India had a great engagement strategy with Afghanistan since 1990, and in 2001 Afghanistan was involved with many major powers such as the US, China, Russia, And EU, which set Afghanistan as the top official national force for avoiding major destruction regularly. 

Regarding this current situation, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on August 15, 50, the independence day for India. So India is getting in a disadvantage position for Afghanistan as it gets closed for cert-in policy judgment decisions with the US regularly.


Concluding the news How Did Taliban Capture Afghanistan, it is quite a blitz to see the arrangements of us and Afghanistan deals. The strategy provided immense effective solutions, but later Taiwan, through a bloody battlefield and Endless strikes, captured Ghana than victory. 

The forces not only the black eye but they created tension in the Kabul settlement.

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