Affiliate Disclosure

We are a part of the affiliation program, and here, we are sharing some aspects to let the buyers aware of it and clear out all doubts in no time.  

Smoothcreationsonline post a plethora of articles in the form of various reviews that are unbiased. We choose the different categories of products without doing any favour or any promotions. All of them are only for our readers so that we can guide them on the right path.

However, some product reviews include a few links in blue colour, and these are not at all part of any promotional activity. It is a reference for our readers who want to buy can tap on the link, and we earn a portion of the commission. All the published posts with such links are clearly labelled with affiliation statement.

We have no influencer of any commercial partner, and you can take a peek at our Review Guidelines to know more about the same. Promotion is not the motive to provide reviews for the users, and we believe in proffering all genuine and real reviews to assist the readers in the best possible manner. 

An overview of Affiliation Revenue for our users

As we have already mentioned above, If the reader clicks on the blue-coloured links and buys the product from the same, we will get a small part of the commission.

But there is no such additional charges applied on the price, and the cost remains the same as the original.

We, at Smoothcreationsonline, are in tie-up with some affiliation program with some platforms and the same is mentioned at the bottom of each post.

The user want or don’t want to buy the product is all their wish, and they can make a decision at own discretion after reading our unbiased reviews.

Affiliation Programs used by Smoothcreationsonline

We have segregated our programs two diverse categories as mentioned below:

  • Amazon Affiliate Program

We participate in the affiliation program that is organized by Amazon LLC associates. The program has created to help the websites earn a small amount of affiliation fee when the buyer purchases any product via the link.

  • Affiliate links for products

These links work in a similar way as the Amazon links do. We will get a percentage on the price of each product whenever a buyer purchases it via our links. This program will not affect the original product cost in any sense.

Therefore, an interested shopper can buy a product without paying any additional fee or cost.

What do we mean by sponsored content?

We have already disclosed the real motive of Smoothcreationsonline, and there is no presence of any promotional biased content ever. All reviews are unfavourable and tour teamwork to show the right track to all our readers.

We only recommend the category of products that are good to use and meet all ethical aspects. After proper exploration, we suggest whether a product is a good buy or not. 

Note: Smoothcreationsonline never favours any wrong or illegal products to earn commission on it.

We are delighted to share the Affiliate program info with your readers!