A Guide to Buying Glasses Online {Aug 2021} All About Vision

All About Vision A Guide to Buying Glasses Online

A Guide to Buying Glasses Online {Aug 2021} All About Vision >> Stuck at home because of COVID-19 and you need to get new glasses? When buying glasses online, you will have access to a far bigger variety than if you went to one eye specialist. Some websites even offer competitive prices so you may be able to save on your next set.

Check out the tips below to help you successfully buy glasses online. Whether you are stuck at home or just don’t want to go anywhere, these tips will help you buy the perfect pair.

Know Your Prescription

Before you can buy your new glasses, you need to know your prescription and pupillary distance measurements. If you have previously bought glasses from an optometrist, you probably still have the old prescription, in which case you can just order the same lenses. If this is your first time buying glasses online, or you’ve lost your prescription, there are online tools to measure your pupillary distance. The Best Places to Buy Glasses Online in 2021 can help you compare different websites that have this feature.

On the side of all prescription glasses, you will see numbers that can help you determine your pupillary distance. If, however, you need a stronger set of lenses because your eyesight has deteriorated, unfortunately you will need to go to an eye specialist.

The Shape of Your Face

The next step is to choose your frames. Before you go any further, try to identify what face shape you have as this will help you find a pair of glasses that suit. A round face would not look good with pointed frames, for example. If you are unsure of what shape your face is, fear not, Google is your friend. There are tons of guides that will help you measure your face shape and all you need is to take your measurements. 

Now you are ready to choose the frames that will best suit your face, but be sure to check your budget first. You might want glasses with horned rims but find they are more expensive than a simple rimless frame. The shape of your face will tell you which are the best options to choose from.

The Shape of Your Face

Go for Comfortable Features

Have you found the perfect pair of frames that shape your face, only to find they just don’t sit right on your face? You may have chosen frames that are too heavy or where the bridge of your nose is getting in the way. Frames that have a large bridge fit may fall off your face too often, and smaller fits can cause pain and headaches.

You will want to also get glasses that have adjustable nose pads as well as temple pads that add extra cushioning for your comfort. Glasses need to bend around your head to fit, but some frames won’t work for everyone. If you wear a helmet, you will want to go for straight temple glasses that are designed for helmets and people wearing tight hats. There are even glasses that have been designed to fit with any facemask, because nowadays you cannot leave your house without being covered.

Try In-Home Websites

If you are still battling to get your prescription right, or are worried about buying online, you can opt for an in-home try-on service. This is where you will be sent a pair of glasses to wear around the house for a few days to see how you feel. You will get to choose multiple frames to try on, and they will get delivered to your doorstep.

This is especially convenient with the COVID-19 pandemic so you never have to leave your home. Most of our daily lives are online anyway, so why not buy your glasses this way too? 

Additional Functionality

Anyone who owns a pair of glasses has been asked if they want light-reactive or polarized lenses. Light-reactive lenses change color based on the amount of light around you. Polarized lenses have a special filter between the lens that helps to reduce any glare by blocking those light sources. Think about when you are at the dam and the sunlight bounces off the water. Just as you need a strong SPF for your skin type, you need protection for your eyes from the sun.

Instead of having two frames, one for indoors and one for outside, you can choose photochromic transition lenses that darken the moment you’re exposed to any sunlight.

Return Policies

What if you bought glasses online that were the perfect fit and prescription but after wearing them for a few days, something just doesn’t feel right? Before buying glasses online, check that the website has a decent returns policy. This also means reading over any fine print when you sign for the glasses because there could be financial penalties for returning your set.

The better the website, the more likely you will find a pair of glasses easily, and one where you have a lot of options on frames and return policies. Buying glasses online is actually pretty easy and super convenient if you know where to look.

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