Review Guidelines

At smoothcreationsonline, we are in a field where we review all types of products and websites to help the customers show the right path. You can visit the “write for us” to better understand what we expect from the writers and what type of content is acceptable on our website. 

Reviews play a vital role in educating all our readers when it comes to do any shopping online and share all our viewpoints with peers. Unbiased reviews are an excellent way to decide between right or wrong and provide them with insights about all services and products available on the online market. 

We take a serious note on each review and emphasize establishing a helpful website and keeping the top-notch quality with highly relevant content that must be free from all conflicts.

Guidelines to follow while writing a review

As published on our website, the reviews assist thousands of hundreds of users to choose the suitable one that fulfils their needs the best. You ought to consider all such tips while writing the review: 

  • The reviews need to be specific.
  • It is readable to all. 
  • Make sure to highlight both sides (pros & cons) in the study. 
  • It needs to be relevant. 
  • On top of it, give the best opinion on all products and services by enlisting it either as a scam or legit. 

Note: Reviews that comply with the below-mentioned guidelines may be removed or not get published at own discretion

What can the reviewers review on smoothcreations online?

Here, we have a list of products that the interested reviewers can cover if they want to do so: 

  • Beauty products 
  • Utility products
  • Home Decor Products Online 
  • Finance related services 
  • Health products 
  • Kitchen Appliances 
  • Electronics products 
  • And other income sources  

Tactics after a review

We make all our initiatives to post some high-quality and unbiased reviews on the website and that is why we have built a strong QA process to accomplish the motives. Manually, we examine and analyze all types of reviews by the experts to make it sure that published reviews are genuine and from verified sources that seem helpful to our users. 

As a review platform driven by users, Smoothcreationsonline offers a neutral podium intended to communicate the buyers with the real picture of various products. Our only motive through Smoothcreationsonline is to protect the shoppers‘ interest and help them stay aware of all fake products. 

Keys to Review Verification

There are three primary keys when it comes to checking all aspects of teh reviews deeply as we have enlisted below:

  • Identity check: Each review is getting checked by our team of specialists to identify that all the reviews are genuine, and there is no such favour done to any product. 
  • Conflict of Interest: The product’s name & company get checked by the experts about which the reviews have done. If there is any touch of affiliation or something with that of the competitor, then it will not get published at any cost. 
  • Content Check: The content of reviews needs to be authentic, real and meet all quality standards of smoothcreationsonline. If the content is not up to the mark what we accept, it may lead to rejection. 

Signs of a perfect review 

Now, we will dive into some signs that indicate all the key areas of an ideal review:

  • Provide all product or website-related info. 
  • Assist the readers in deciding between right and wrong. 
  • Help people in deciding among the products.
  • Display a real experience after proper usage. 
  • The content should be well-formatted and easy to read. 
  • The reviews ought to error-free and includes zero mistakes. 

Removal of content

Simply put, we are liable to remove any post from smoothcreationsonline is we found that it breaches our published guidelines and not fair for the readers in any manner. In any case, if the readers don’t see any of the reviews as inappropriate or not above par. 

On top of it, we not remove reviews all the time as the majority are well-researched and free from any biases. We keep all the feedback from our users in mind.  

Certain declaration 

As a team of smoothcreationsonline, the primary aim is to offer some unbiased and accurate info to the buyers. We are in this field from years and keep growing from time to time. We know that sometimes there is a lack of inaccuracy, but we make all efforts to keep it right and real. Also, we always keep a check on the fake and unauthorized reviews to make our accuracy standard up to the mark. 

Therefore, the smoothcreationsonline have all rights reserved to cancel any review and not to publish any content that is not written as per our review guidelines. Thus, no chances are there to do a favour for any content that is either meaningless or fake. 

If you have any questions on top of your head related to the reviews, you can connect with us through admin@smoothcreationsonline (dot) com. 

Note: We want our readers to know that we are not the manufacturers of all the products and do not have any tie-ups with any websites we review. Thus, if you find any problem in the product usage, shipping, and order, please get in touch with the concerned website to sort out the same. 

We appreciate your interest!