Iphonereviewers.com Scam {June} Learn Truth And Decide!

Iphonereviewers.com Scam 2020

Iphonereviewers.com Scam {June} Learn Truth And Decide! >> This article will help you understand the cyber scams.

Is technology bad or good? A very tricky yet responsive question, still in search of a great answer.

The world has come to such a state in terms of technology. Everyone is engaged somehow with a device, could be smartphones, laptops, personal computers, etc. this scenario is the same in Canada or any other nation majorly a part of urban cities.

Iphonereviewers.com Scam is a new way by the scammers, to trap people in the greed of rewards as iPhone and hack their data and relevant information. The website is enticing a particular set of people asking them to sign up for the newsletter, followed by which they send a survey, and the required information has to be filled by the receiver. 

Is Iphonereviewers.com Scam?

There are so many patterns that had been attempted earlier also to make such fake scams and trap the innocent people. This is not the first time that scammers have tried something out of the box, and people are not aware of that.

The wrong trust index of the website and the only purpose of getting an email id to send the newsletter, concludes the fact – Is Iphonereviewers.com Scam? Such scams are very dangerous as they gather personal information and make improper use of it.

What is Iphonereviewers.com?

The malicious website is mainly involved in providing a subscription of the newsletter to the visitors. The motive is to store the personal information of the sender. The victim is always innocent, and they get into the trap to survey certain websites that are purposely made to snip personal information.

These malicious websites are precisely similar to the original web sites, or you can say the replica, and that’s why they can trick visitors in their desired way. They at the homepage only insist the visitor sign up for some newsletter services and, in reward, receive the expensive iPhone.

Are these websites Genuine?

If, as a vigilant buyer or market researchers, we see, it’s found that at this point when the iPhone 8 is already in market circulation and the new version iPhone X is about to make its launch, the scammers have fit their goal.

When we talk about any reward that seems to be way beyond the expense, one has to get alert at the same time. That is the alarming time because there could not be such a thing where anyone can win such an expensive gift. Whether the count of the surveys or visiting the web site, it is impossible that no one can get the iPhone. The promises of gifting iPhones are anyways a fake and a big trap.


  • The website promising the reward is https://iphonereviewers.com/us/
  • The simple looking pattern of website
  • The counter on the web-store shows how many visitors visited
  • The email provided is contact@iphonerev.com

What are the pros of the website?

  • A lucrative and attractive reward as a deal
  • Straightforward way to get participated in the contest
  • Information on how much time is left to participate and to start the result declaration

What are the cons of the website?

  • No connection or socially claim of such rewarded people
  • The fact those companies’ decisions would be final, where the information sender has no right to inquire about anything.

What are the victim’s reviews?

The social platforms are the quick source of such scams to happen because they ask the receiver to forward it to the groups and individuals to receive the award. In the greed of wanting such a decent reward, people do forward and circulate amongst their circle.

Earlier on Facebook, it was found that many such groups offering the iPhone as a reward if someone accomplishes a specific task, but whatever is the scenario, people kept waiting. No such rewards had been received to date.

It is a quick way to reach maximum victims quickly and turn their requirements into reality. Reviews have mentioned over the internet about such scams, where the victim many at times had been debited with huge amount also.

Final Verdict

As per many reports, Google shows that those scams often take place and proliferate over social networks. There had been several news and warnings about such scams and group of people who posts such scam, and they usually try to execute such plans in short times.

So, as you are our valuable readers, we do not recommend you to visit such type of web sites.

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