Smooth Creations website invites writers to submit their content with us. We also ask vendors and business owners to publish their advertisements on our site and get a sales hike. However, we illustrate a disclaimer that is important for readers, writers, and vendors to read and understand.


Smooth creations website and its content alongside the published services or products are provided to the readers “as it is.” We never give any warranties or representations to our readers. It is the reason we review products, technologies, services, and other websites to provide honest and unmanipulated information. We disclaim any warranties statutorily, implied, or expressed on any merchant, fitness products, or non-infringement items. Moreover, the published content, services, and website can be discontinued, suspended, interrupted, updated, or modified without any liability or notice. 

We solely target User Generated Content (UGC) on our website. Many times, we receive content that is not fulfilling the updated UGC guidelines. Therefore, smooth creations analyze and edit the content. The actions are taken:

  • When third-party requests to modify the content.
  • Change needed under applicable law.
  • For meeting updated UGC guidelines. 

We disregard the writers’ liability on UGC, while our non-liability without any limitation applies to our edited UGC content. Besides, we are also not accountable for the hyperlinks mentioned in the UGC, no matter they are third-party sites or not. 

The registered users post the comments, reviews, recommendations, etc., of some e-businesses, companies, services, etc., published on our site. We never endorse anything to promote or recommend any services, products, companies, or technologies. The use of services in all aspects is the registered users’ responsibility. Henceforth, we are not responsible for the website’s availability. 

More details:

The website’s posts are published for general information purposes and in good faith. We cannot be held accountable for completeness’ warranties, information’s accuracy, and reliability. The action taken by the readers from the published information is at their risk. We are not responsible for any damages or losses concerning the usage or information of the site. 

The readers can check other sites that are hyperlinked on our website. Although we provide ethical, useful, and quality links, we cannot claim such sites’ nature and content. Moreover, the hyperlinked websites are not recommended to the readers. The linked sites’ owners can change their website or content without any notice and may incur a loss to the readers before removing the links.

If the readers visit hyperlinked websites, we are unaccountable for their terms and privacy policies. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. 


We have detailed our disclaimer and accountability on UGC content. Therefore, readers must consent to it and agree with the shared terms. 


Smooth Creations is liable to make changes or updates in the current disclaimer without any notice. Nonetheless, the changes will be reflected solely on this page. While the registered users will get emails for the disclaimer changes, the unregistered users can occasionally check the page and stay informed. 

Contact Us:

If you need more clarification or information about our disclaimer, you can contact us at admn@smoothcreationsonline{dot}com.