1. How much it costs to get an Smoothcreationsonline account?

SMOOTHCREATIONSONLINE doesn’t cost even a penny to its users for getting the SMOOTHCREATIONSONLINE account. And it is expected to remain free for users in the upcoming future.

  1. Does Smoothcreationsonline edit the submitted reviews?

Well, the answer to your question is, Yes. Our professional team consisting of experts checks every submitted review, and edits all the content that is not formed according to the guidelines given by the website. Moreover, the team hired by Smoothcreationsonline does all the grammatical corrections and spelling corrections to make the comments more readable.

However, you may be getting a doubt about changes in the reviews submitted by genuine customers. Well, the professionals working at the back end don’t change the meaning and the actual rating given by the user.

  1. Can the user himself delete the posted review?

No, the user can’t delete any review that has already been posted. Well, in case of any issue, the reviewer can contact the website through the contact us form regarding the issue. And most importantly, the reviewer should have valid reasons for getting his review deleted.

  1. What is the main requirement for posting a review on Smoothcreationsonline?

Smoothcreationsonline considers the user eligible for posting a review once he or she gets the account verified or gets his or her account registered as the review can get submitted only from the audited statements.

  1. Does the review get published at the moment of submission?

The answer to your question is no, as the submitted review has to be processed by the professional team for getting approval to get published. This approval is necessary for checking whether the study is formed strictly following the guidelines given by the website and making all the corrections regarding spelling errors or any kind sentence composing mistakes or any grammatical errors. 

So, your submitted review can take a while to get a green signal to get published. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be; it can take around seven business days to get published on the website.

  1. What factors are necessary for doing a useful quality review?

The most attractive part of a useful quality review is the real emotions that a reviewer shares with the readers. And the reviews containing real experiences of the users can change the reader’s mind for his good. While writing, one should avoid poor formatting, and yes, the hired reviews are not acceptable at Smoothcreationsonline.

  1. What does Smoothcreationsonline offer?

Smoothcreationsonline is a review website that provides accurate information to the readers so that they can get a clear picture of the reviewed site and its products before proceeding towards any buying decision. Moreover, the website provides researched articles along with some useful e-books. This is a well-renowned website that is primarily known for its transparency and realness regarding the reviews.

The website doesn’t work particularly for any site and posts independently genuine content so that the business holders can interact with their customers and know their perception genuinely to get betterment in their services.

  1. How can the Smoothcreationsonline account be deleted?

The user can delete his or her Smoothcreationsonline account anytime. All you need to do is contact the professional executives through the contact us form, and the Smoothcreationsonline team will perform all the required formalities.

  1. Does the updated review need to get approval before getting published?

Yes, the reviews need to be approved by the team every time the user makes some changes. The user can make any changes in his studies by logging in the Smoothcreationsonline account, but the review will not get updated instantly though it will have to go through the whole process of getting approved before getting published.

  1. Does the website earn profits by charging the company for mentioning the product?

The answer to the question is no. Smoothcreationsonline doesn’t mention or promote any brand or specifically any product. The website doesn’t even de-mean any brand by publishing any harsh comments. The site prefers to post only genuine reviews and loves to share the honest experiences of the previous customers regardless of it being a positive review or negative one.