Check out the different FAQs below to explore and know more about Smoothcreationsonline by getting into the diverse range of reviews. Whether you step into the search process or just trying to learn something more, these questions will help you choose the right track. 

Here, we have enlisted some questions that may roam around on top of your head. Let us have a look to clear out all questions related to SmoothCreations below. 

Why is Smoothcreationsonline Free?

Smoothcreationsonline is available at zero cost for all users because we can help the buyers make an informed buying decision. All our segregated product menu, filter tools, verified reviews, and articles are available to help anyone find the best solution that meets their needs the most. 

FAQs for reviewers 

  • Does Smoothcreationsonline make any changes in the submitted review?

Yes, Smoothcreationsonline has all rights to make an edit in the submitted posts as we have a team of professionals who are working on the same. We only do changes as, and whenever is required. If the post seems perfect and unbiased, then no changes will be made by us. 

  • Can a user delete or make changes in the published posts? 

No, the readers or users do not have any access to the deletion of any posts as published on the site. But if you feel any issues with the published content, they can get in touch with us by defining the issue, and we will take action if required.

  • What are the requirements to post a review on Smoothcreationsonline?

The user needs to follow all pointers as defined on the page “Review Guidelines.” The user also needs to take permission from us by connecting with us through the contact us page.

  • Does the submitted review get online immediately?

No, the reviews will proofread and explore by the editing team carefully, and their approval is the foremost. The approval is based on the review guidelines, research, and genuineness. Once all the conditions are satisfied, then the post will get published as soon as possible. 

Submitted reviews take some time for approval and proper analysis of all facts and figures as mentioned.

  • What factors are vital to write a quality and unbiased review?

Honest and useful info from genuine customers makes the review a perfect one. And the reviews comprise of the customers’ actual experiences that can help others make an informed decision as possible while buying. 

While writing, one needs to avoid bad formatting and promotional content. 

  • What can we found on Smoothcreationsonline?

Simply put, it is an online reviewing platform that guides a person towards accurate info so they can see the real picture before buying anything from anywhere. The website is a podium that is known for its regular, unbiased reviews and genuineness.  

  • Why was not my submitted review get published? 

To prevent our program’s integrity, some reviews may get disabled if we are not able to identify all facts and figures or if we feel the content is not in compliance with our guidelines. Sometimes, we request some additional info by contacting reviewers and figuring out whether we can make it online. 

On average, a review will take around a maximum of seventy-two hours for verification and publication.

  • There are some edits in my review. Do I know why?

As per our policies, we never change any review that leads to change the whole intent. However, we make some changes to correct typos and alter some non-standard characters. Our team makes some edits to recover sensitive info that cannot be disclosed publicly

Therefore, the reviewer will not get notified about the edits as made at Smoothcreationsonline discretion. 

  • Why was the posted review gets removed? 

Our team of professionals has been made a strong QA procedure, and if any review violates our guidelines and seems inappropriate from the reader’s point of view, it may end up with removal. When the post is violating policies, we can remove the published posts without informing the reviewers.

  • Can we write a review on a product more than once? 

No, we never allow anyone to review a product more than once unless there are some changes in the product or any update. In case of an update, we will disable the old one and publish the new one as a recent experience. 

FAQs for Verification and Publication

  • Who figures out which review ought to be published and which not?

Our experts deeply examine all the reviews, and they need to make sure that all the reviews should be genuine and provided through helpful content. All reviews deal equally while verifying, no matter what the rating is. 

During the process, the experts verify all the facts, explore the genuineness of the review, and evaluate its compliance with our guidelines. 

  • Does Smoothcreationsonline publish negative reviews?

Simply put, we make no difference between one-star and five-stars reviews. Like some other reviewing platforms, we proffer a platform to our readers so that they can find a difference between a real and fake product. 

By staying neutral, we make our efforts to provide some genuine reviews to pick up wisely. 

  • Why was a published review removed after a period? 

Continuously, the review programs are emerging, and we improve our methods periodically by auditing the previously posted review. If the review gets flagged by our system, then it will remove immediately. 

Also, if the past reviews do not meet the present guidelines, then it results in removal by our team. 

  • What is considered a bad review?

If the review is presented in detail but failed to showcase the product’s crystal-clear picture for the users, it is regarded as a bad review. Our reviews help the buyers to make a sensible and wise buying decision, so the review needs to be clear, genuine, and factual.

  • Is it possible to pass inspection for fraudulent reviews? 

No, we have innovations in place with a team that moderates all reviews to protect against fake reviews. We verify every review manually and ensure that the review is of top-notch quality all across the Smoothcreationsonline.       

  • Does Smoothcreationsonline fact-check reviews to determine accuracy?

Our dedicated team analyzed hundreds of reviews as listed on our product catalog. Therefore, our QA team is highly expert in evaluating and assessing all details deeply. Our team will also take the initiative to verify all reviews and make sure that it meets perfectly with our guidelines. 

  • May any foreign language review can be published on Smoothcreationsonline?

At this moment, we don’t accept reviews in any other language except English. Any review in a foreign language needs to be translated into English and submitted to the site again by the reviewer. The translation is accepted but by the reviewer only. 


  • Does Smoothcreationsonline earn profits by promoting a product from companies? 

No, we work independently and always make efforts to present a genuine review. We try not to mention any brand or company specifically. Also, our intentions are not de-mean the reputation of any brand by publishing any abusive content. 

  • How Smoothcreationsonline earns? 

We have already mentioned in the “Affiliate Disclosure” section that we partake in Affiliation programs that will help us earn a small percentage of commission on purchasing a product through our links. However, it does not make any change in the product’s price. 

If any other queries or questions are left, please connect with us through the “Contact Us” page.

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