Greetings to all those reading this! Are you a lover of words? And they flow out of you freely every time you see something that interests you? Have you always been on the search for a platform that pushes you to share and garner knowledge at the same time?

If you continue to read this, then it is because you are a curious bug always eager to know what a newly launched product is all about. Always eager to share your views with many like you, and this opportunity could be right up your alley.

You must Write for Us,so you can share your reviews, blogs and more to get your opinion and thoughtful information reaching many.

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What do you mean by Write for Us?

Write for Us is anoffer to upcoming writers and writing enthusiasts to be guest writers for online websites. It gives a writer the chance to interact with audiences around the globe and give them information regarding numerous topics. If you take a keen interest in talking about what is happening around the world/country, you could write blog tech news write for us.

If you possess expertise in any other field, then you can express it to write for us general. We are happy to write for us blog with our audiences.

There is no shortage of areas and genres for a new writer to experiment with. This ensures you have different content every day and a chance to stray away from the dull and generic notions.

The content will surely challenge the writer you are to discover the analysis bone you have been hiding. The top priority is to make sure the reader can understand the information you provide in the content, so the language must be easy to decipher!

But no expense must be spared with the quality of your content in Write for Us. The team maintains top-notch standards.

What should be kept in mind in Write for Us?

Content is vital in Write for Us, the more descriptive, the better it will be. This is always a fool’s proof way to ensure the content enamors all readers. To give you a clearer idea, say you get your hands on a write for us software topic where an issue must be addressed and fixed.

Some pointers that will aid you and must be kept in mind by a writer before starting-

  • Each and every article for this website should be written to attract more people.
  • Each article should educate its reader about websites, products, or any other new things.
  • Each of the articles should add some value to the reader’s lives.
  • The content of the article should be written to compel its audience.
  • The content of the articles should be easy to read and understand.
  • All the content must be fresh, new, and unique, so it sounds approachable to readers all around the globe.
  • The word limit is 1500 words and must be kept in mind and not strayed away from
  • There must be only a three-sentence paragraph, and it is ideal for breaking the monotony away
  • The heading and the title must indicate what the full content will be about, ensuring it is clear and concise.
  • Use sub-headings wherever necessary as they keep you as well as the readers on track.
  • You must not stray away from the topic at hand and ensure consistency throughout the content.
  • The quality of content must be maintained and not degraded.
  • A meta description must be included, which must fit in 150 words.
  • In the case of product reviews write for us; make sure the focus of the content is only on the product and nothing else.
  • If you write for us, you have to mention all the specifications of the website or product based on its research.
  • If you write for us, we provide you with the keywords to mentioned in your article, which you can not change.

To sum it all up, the writer needs to maintain its content that he/she sends out must be filled with quality, creativity, and uniqueness. It must educate its reader and possibly entertain them. It must leave a lasting impact on the reader to come back to our website again and again.

Last but not least, no stones must be left unturned when it comes to the grammar of the content. Grammatical mistakes in the content such as- forgetting a comma or full stops can make the sentence sound incorrect.

Any significant issues such as- spelling mistakes and putting right pauses in the sentence in the content. These can make your content sound fishy, and the reader will continue to skip it even if the content is worth reading.

What are the potential topics a writer may get to explore?

Write for Us a wide variety of topics and genres will be covered, and they depend entirely on the user behavior and requirement. All topics used are such that the reader and the writer both face an aura of ease. Some of the main styles have been mentioned below-

  • Reviews of a product or a website that offer commonly available devices/products/services
  • Current events that the readers must be or already are aware of
  • Concepts that circle the arena of software and programming
  • Blog posts about newly issued technology
  • Another set of blog posts that talk about marketing or finances

This list of topics is never-ending and more keep getting added as per the demands of the readers.

The team also is always hands-on with the writers; you can always reach out to them if you land yourself in a rough spot. They will always keep you enlightened about the latest changes and advancements in the field.

What are the steps you must follow for the submissions?

A writer is never delighted with the content they set out to write. You will find a certain level of ease as all writers are expected to follow steps throughout the content. They have been mentioned below-

  • The content must be plagiarised to check for its uniqueness
  • The content must not have any grammatical errors
  • The details and facts provided must be fact-checked and handy
  • The language used must be easy to read and decipher
  • The content must be actionable and interactive so as to keep the reader entertained as well as interested
  • The content must be able to reach people around the globe and of all ages
  • There will be only one backlink allowed at the end of the article
  • Each and every article should be well researched.
  • The articles should be submitted before the deadlines.
  • The articles should be checked once through Grammarly.
  • The articles should not contain the writer’s information such as its brand name, email, or contact number.
  • The article should mention all possible keywords that rank it higher on the search engine.
  • All the keywords should be placed in the articles as per the guidelines.
  • If you are provided multiple keywords to include, then all of them should not be mentioned in one single sentence.

The writers are always provided with freedom, but the guidelines must be followed diligently. Furthermore, they are encouraged to read and re-check before submitting the content. You can submit it by using the link provided on the website.

Once submitted, the content will be checked for errors and further analyzed to make sure no issues are prevalent. If an error is found, the writer is always informed regarding it. But you mustn’t worry, as this is the team’s way of ensuring any errors you have made can be rectified on the same day. It will make way for a new and improved content style.

The process of guest post submission –

If you want to write for us and get paid, then send us your blog post in a word file format to our email: info@smoothcreationsonline(dot)com