Why do people send the Black Heart Emoji?

Black Heart Emoji Online Reviews

Did you receive a black heart emoji from someone and want to know what it actually means? If yes, then here’s everything you need to know about the Black Heart Emoji!

Almost 67 percent of the people who use emojis via texting think that other people who use emojis are funnier, cooler, and a lot friendlier than those who just send dry texts. This is because it means that those people are far more comfortable about sharing their feelings via different types of emojis, rather than having a traditional conversation. 

Why use Heart Emojis? 

Heart Emojis “https://heatfeed.com/heart-emojis/” is becoming an essential part of communicating with loved ones, friends, and even colleagues nowadays. They are extremely popular and seem to be covering approximately half of the textual conversations people have these days. Generally, emojis were designed to represent the mood and emotions of the writer that he/she may be feeling at the moment. 

One of the most widely-used emojis in the world today is the heart emojis, which are present in several colors, such as, purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, red, black, and white. These heart emojis depict many emotions and reactions, and users have been particularly enjoying using the Black Heart Emoji

What does the Black Heart Emoji mean? 

It is fairly important to know that the color of the heart emoji that people send to you can mean a variety of things- and it’s a big deal too! 

Are you thinking about the existence of the black heart emoji on your phone? What does it mean? Does it have something to do with darkness or evil spirits? If you have been randomly using the black heart emoji in your conversations without taking into consideration the actual meaning of this emoji, then chances are you might have been using it all wrong. 

Black Heart Emoji Meaning: 

The black heart emoji you see being used on various social media platforms can have different meanings. For people who are into fashion and new trends, this is the perfect emoji as it is used to express one’s love for an outfit or to appreciate how amazing the given look is. 

As the name depicts, the black heart emoji is a simple heart, but of pure black color. Its main purpose is to emphasize a given message and convey a variety of emotions such as grief, sadness, sorrow, evil, morbidity, illness, anguish, death, and so forth. 

It’s the exact opposite of the red heart emoji: 

The black heart emoji is the best tool to express all those emotions that indicate the exact contrary to the red heart emoji. As we all know that the standard red heart emoji is to display our love, adoration, and romance towards the receiver, the black heart emoji works in the exact opposite way. 

Why do people send the black heart Emoji: 

Most people send black heart emoji to express disappointment, grief, and loss. This emoji is considered a great tool to emphasize hidden feelings and heartache. If you have ever been heartbroken and badly hurt by someone, then it is time to gain that strength back and let them know they have done you wrong by sending a black heart emoji. This way they’ll be able to know that they have caused you pain, sorrow, and betrayal. 

The Black heart emoji is also used when a loved one has passed away. It is completely okay to feel grieved when someone close to you has left this earth. You can express your heartache and appreciate the great changes that the deceased person brought into your life by using the black heart emoji.

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