Emojirags Reviews [July] Check If It Is A Scam!

Emojirags Reviews 2020

Emojirags Reviews [July] Check If It Is A Scam! >> In this article, we are going to explore a site that is offering extensive clock collection and try to finding out whether it is legit or not.

Emojirags Reviews: Are you a clock lover? Do you want a collection of some trendy and stylish clocks that can enhance the interior of your home or office? Then, you are at the right web page. Here, we take the initiative to explore a website that claims to offer all variety of alarm clocks as required by the people across the globe. 

The best part of this shopping site is that it has a wide range of clocks and all are available worldwide, including the United States. On the flip side, it is crucial to figure out the authenticity of the website. 

Let us get into the website to explore more about: Is Emojirags Legit? 

Take a peek at Emojirags.com.

This is an online store proffering a lot of alarm clocks that are available in varieties such as LED alarm clocks, wooden alarm clocks, digital clocks, LED display clock, ceiling clock, LED mirror clock, plastic vintage table clock, and so on. 

Let us take a look at the Emojirags Reviews.

A few details about the Emojirags.com

  • The URL of emojirags is https://www.emojirags.com.
  • A wide range of clocks are available such as wooden alarm clocks, digital clocks, LED display clock, ceiling clock, LED mirror clock, plastic vintage table clock, and others.
  • The phone number available on the site is (717) 644-6828.
  • Office address of this online store is 3506 Ne 95th St, 401, Seattle, WA 98115, United States. 
  • The email address has also provided by the website that is info@emojirags.com.
  • The contact employee of the site is Robert Mclean. 
  • Social media podiums have displayed on the website. 
  • The site provides PayPal as an online method of payment to their potential customers. 
  • The working hours of the shopping store is from Monday to Saturday (8.00 pm to 5.30 am) as per New York Time. 
  • The site has based on the United States.
  • The shipping days of the website varies from one to two business days. 
  • The website protects all the details as it has HTTPS Protocol. 
  • The site is using Zencart platform. 

What are the positive parts of buying from Emojirags.com?

  • The site is protected, and so there is no need to worry about the details and info as the buyers have given. 
  • It is convenient to use as you can use it anywhere and anytime as you want. 
  • It is easy to access because you can operate the site from any device, whether a laptop or Android. 
  • The site is a perfect fit for clock lovers, and people can get all varieties from there.
  • Varieties are available, that is important to meet the demand of people.  

What negative remarks are there on Emojirags.com?

  • The domain name is less than six months old, and it is a bad sign.
  • No social media handles as the displayed icons are only for formality.
  • Low traffic.

Is Emojirags Legit? 

To begin with, the shopping site seems to easily accessible, and it is straightforward  to get into it for getting the clock choices.

Conversely, it has a few loopholes such as low traffic, a domain name is too recent, no social media interaction and limited online payment options. Due to these adverse remarks, it has proved that the site is a scam one.          

What is the shopper’s opinion regarding Emojirgas.com?

No ratings have given on the website, and it is not a good sign as we are unable to determine the level of products provided by the site. Moreover, no social media pages mean no review, and it is the case here. 

Final Thought

In this Emojirgas Reviews, we explored the website in-depth to find all ins and outs that a shopper needs to know before shopping. The presence of HTTPS Protocol on the website is another aspect that making the site safe and secure for customers. 

But we have found some loopholes such as the domain name is less than four months old, zero social media interaction, a single method of online payment, and low traffic. So, we wouldn’t recommend this site for shopping and advice people to avoid it.  

If you have any doubts on top of the head, then connect with us on the comment section below to clear out all dubious in no time. If you some extra info, then share the same to let the buyers know more.  

0 thoughts on “Emojirags Reviews [July] Check If It Is A Scam!

  1. A bit nervous at this end. I ordered a printer from them two days, ago. No confirmation, shipping or tracking info yet. Sent two emails with no replies. Phone number has been busy with every call. I think I’ll give it until tomorrow and then let PayPal know and pull the plug.

      1. Never had a reply. I contacted PayPal and my credit card to stop the payment. He’s got to have the busiest site ever – the phone is always busy and they can’t keep their promise to return emails within hours. Pretty sure it’s a scam.

        1. I am sorry you are going through what I did–EMOJIRAGS. is a SCAM STORE FRONT. It is so unnerving to see how easily it fooled all of us.
          I ordered two–not one– Epson printer. Please do not wait till tomorrow. Dispute with PayPal and also with the credit card company asap. I calmed down a bit once I started the dispute process. I ordered one printer because Emijorags was the only place where IN STOCK ( Staples, Office Depot etc. didn’t have in stock/sold out/discontinued, etc.) Then, I decided to order another one throough emijorags since school is starting soon, too, and I wanted to be prepared.
          The phone is always busy. The email info@emojirags.com comes back days later as incomplete/undeliverable. The form to contact them is to make us feel reassured is to delay us from figuring it out. I have been so upset. I had no clue a scam could use PayPal. Also, that website is so fined tuned as a strong retail website. On another review website I found a couple of hours ago–people were fooled with Emojirags fake stock in cameras, television—those thieves are hauling in money. I am posting this long review because hopefully others will pull the plug faster than I did. It took me too too long to figure it out.

  2. I ordered a printer on 7/16 PayPal & MC charged that day. No confirmation nor tracking #. Phone # busy every time I call. I filed a report with PayPal & credit card company. Urge you to do same.
    Good Luck!

  3. Totally a scam. I just paid them 98.90 for a 3d printer today and got an email from Paypal with the information and a tracking number they supplied Paypal. Guess what, the tracking number was for a package that i received on July 2nd. How did they get my tracking number?

  4. Please don’t belive this site. I had ordered online this product on 18th July’20 and got an email after a few days with USPS tracking no which was delivered on 18th July’20 and they dispatched on 17th July’20. I had sent multiple emails but no response so I need to reach out PayPal to cancel my order and raise as a dispute my payment. Please stay away from this site. This is fraud website.

  5. Rob, I, too, have had multiple packages from awesome retailers, etc. You nailed another reason why I was/am so upset. How is that happening? Is that something with sync or something? Is it some kind of hidden phishing? I put in a few PRINT SCREENs in my disputes. It makes me mad they are taking advantage of good online retailers that we appreciate doing business with. It is scary not knowing how they do that…

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