7 Reasons Why Vivo Smartphones Are So Popular Among Students

Latest News Vivo Smartphones Are So Popular Among Students

Vivo was founded in 2009 and entered the Indian smartphone market in 2014. Since then, Vivo has established itself as one of the top smartphone brands in the smartphone market and can be regarded as one of the few manufacturers that captured the pulse of students’ needs. Be it a Vivo 5G mobile or 4g device, they have established themselves as a smartphone brand that offers a great experience at an affordable price tag. Let’s take a look at the ten factors that made Vivo mobiles hugely popular among the students:

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Good battery Life

Regardless of the price, the Vivo mobile comes with long-lasting and powerful batteries. Students find Vivo mobiles extremely reliable. They can easily play the latest mobile games, snap pictures, chat with their friends, take online classes or watch online content without looking for a socket point in the middle of their usage.

Funtouch OS improved user experience

Vivo’ Funtouch OS allows users to download numerous online themes to match their taste, and students can even create their mobile themes by changing the fonts, wallpapers, and lock screen set-ups on their Vivo mobiles.

With Funtouch OS, Vivo mobiles got rid of the standard Android OS app drawer and are now replaced by a layout that can be quickly arranged with app folders. Vivo’s Funtouch OS also offers a Quick Control Center, accessible with a simple swipe up from the bottom corner of the screen. This Quick Control Center provides quick shortcuts, including recent apps, sound levels, brightness control, and toggles for Flashlight, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, and more.

Vivo mobile OS also provides numerous hardware management tools to enhance the performance of chipset and RAM in specific models. Students can now easily clean their Vivo mobiles, get rid of unwanted documents, control installed applications, and monitor their battery and data consumption with the help of the i-Manager application. Students can even set up privacy filters for personal data or space and enable call or message blocking features. The i-Manager application efficiently optimizes the performance of a Vivo mobile, which made it very popular among students.

Vivo mobiles for all pocket-sizes

India is a mixed pot of different traditions, cultures and, most importantly, budget flexibility. When it comes to the students, some are capable of purchasing high-end premium devices, while the majority of the students look for budget-friendly options. Regardless of your pocket size, the brand has numerous Vivo mobile options for everyone.

Vivo mobiles are setting new photography standards.

Vivo mobiles managed to read the pulse of student needs with their self-centred phones and excellent camera configuration. Let’s take a quick look at some Vivo mobile phone tricks and tips, which are hugely popular among students:

  • Portrait Bokeh Selfie: This specific feature focuses on the middle section or the subject in the images while blurring the background softly for that stunning effect.
  • Live Photos: This feature allows students to capture a short video of their favourite moments; before and after a shot is captured.
  • Voice Control: While capturing a picture, using voice control to snap a photo is hugely popular among students, and some Vivo mobile models let you do that with great comfort. This particular nifty setting even enables you to take a photo by just uttering the word ‘Cheese’.
  • Square Shots: Some Vivo mobile models let you capture Facebook and Instagram-ready square images in an instant. The main advantage of taking a square picture is that you can ensure how it looks on any social media portal since most use a square picture format.
  • Mirrored Selfie: Whenever you take a selfie, it typically comes inverted; it means things on your right side are on your left side in that photo and vice-versa. If you wish to avoid this inversion, you can use the Mirrored selfie feature in your Vivo mobile.

Excellent feature

Vivo mobiles come with the latest and advanced features. The brand is often miles ahead on the curve while offering innovative features that set the trend.

Premium Design

If you are targeting students, you must offer stylish, chic, and elegant devices. After all, students take pride in their mobile look, not just for their hardware configuration or functionality. Vivo has done its research and knows what students precisely want.

Strong After-Sales Services

An essential factor that played a tremendous role in the popularity of Vivo mobiles among students is the manufacturer’s customer care service quality. Vivo provides round-the-clock excellent helpline service and has set up numerous service centres in different cities.

These were the ten leading factors due to which Vivo established itself as a brand with which students can easily connect. Vivo 5G mobile is also something that you can purchase to future proof your smartphone. If you are delaying purchasing your favourite Vivo mobile due to budget issues, you are in luck. Keep reading to discover more.

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