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Sleevz Mask Reviews [Oct] Comfortable Face Masks-Legit?

Sleevz Mask Reviews 2020

Sleevz Mask Reviews [Oct] Comfortable Face Masks-Legit? >> This article is about website that makes face masks compatible with eyewear, read for the details

The Covid-19 has been truly devastating for people Worldwide, and taking care of ourselves in the pandemic is our utmost responsibility. The one essential thing which can save us in this pandemic is wearing masks. 

But people will glass know that wearing masks can be a hassle. The continuous fogging of glasses due to the covers is very irritating. But does that mean that such people should not wear masks? No!

Wearing masks is a mandatory thing and should be followed by everyone. But what if your face masks don’t get foggy and you could also wear your masks comfortable?

This Sleevz Mask Reviews will talk about an online store selling Sleeves Face Mask for people with glasses. Let’s know more about this store!

What is Sleevz Mask? 

Sleevz Mask is an online store that sells face masks made, especially for people with glasses. The company claims that there will be no more fogging in your eyewear when you wear this mask. It is a very comfortable and breathable product. Since wearing a mask with glasses puts pressure on the ears and the face, this product will alleviate that pain. Overall it is a very user-friendly product.

This product could be a revolutionary product for people Worldwide.

But is this online store legit? Let’s continue with Sleevz Mask Reviews to know the facts and details.

Specifications of Sleevz Mask: 

  • Website URL:
  • Website Model: e-store into selling of face masks compatible with eyewear
  • Email: 
  • Refund: The product is not refundable
  • Exchanges: Not available
  • No address 
  • No refund policy available
  • Shipping: Free shipping in the United States
  • The contact number is not available
  • Payments: PayPal, all cards, and Apple Pay
  • Cancellation: No such method exists
  • Shipping: Worldwide shipping is available

Advantages of Sleevz Mask: 

  • Sleeves Face Mask are compatible with eyewear
  • The description of the product is mentioned in detail
  • Multiple payment options are mentioned on the website

Disadvantages of Sleevz Mask:

  • The website has not mentioned any Sleevz Mask Reviews
  • Contact number is not provided
  • The details of the owner is not mentioned 
  • There is no refund and return policy 
  • Professional email id is not being used
  • The information on shipping is not mentioned in detail
  • The website has an age of three months.
  • ‘About us’ section is not mentioned

Is Sleevz Mask legit or not? 

Sleeves Face mask is an innovative product and something that is a need of the hour. This product will help a lot of people worldwide. They have also given an adequate description of the item and videos showing the correct way of its usage.

But this website has raised a lot of red flags which should be addressed. There are no details about the owners of this online store on their website. The ‘About Us’ section is entirely missing. Moreover, there is no refund and return policy on the product, and the shipping information is also minimal.

Sleevz Mask Reviews finds this suspicious and would advise people to be careful about their purchases on this website.

What are buyers talking about Sleevz Mask?

This website has featured its social media pages, but we found only a few customers reviews available on the official website after reviewing their social media pages and alll of these reviews were extremely positive.

These reviews can also be bot reviews as the online store has not featured their customers’ thoughts on their website. It is an innovative product with a detailed product description. But the lack of customer reviews on social media platforms is suspicious.

We would suggest that you read this Sleevz Mask Reviews to find the truth about this online store.

Final Verdict: 

Sleeves Face mask is definitely an innovative product and this product can help many people worldwide. Because wearing a mask with eyewear causes the glasses’ fogging and is overall not a comfortable experience. But this product can help people find relief from that with their practical and reusable item.

But this online store has raised a lot of red flags. Absence or nil quality customer reviews along with the lack of owner information on the website and no refund and return policy is not good sign. 

Therefore from Sleevz Mask Reviews, we present that our reader shall give the best on their search for the worth product else many legit websites are there, where one can find the masks easily.

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