Uistores.com Reviews [Sept 2020] This Is A Good Website Or Not!

Uistores.com Reviews

Uistores.com Reviews [Sept 2020] This Is A Good Website Or Not! >> In this article, you get to read about an e-commerce site that is a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Are you an online shopping lover and looking for a unique collection of items you can use at your home or toys or toys or accessories for your products? Uistores.com Reviews on the site say it is a one-stop solution for all your needs.

This site currently targets the United States audience market with a wide variety of stylish products of premium quality.

While purchasing anything from online stores, there remains doubt regarding the quality of an item or whether we receive that product or not as online crime is increasing at a breakneck pace.

Readers, don’t worry because we are here with our unbiased review to tell whether you can trust this site or not.

 What is Uistores.com?

According to the site, it was founded in 2008. It is an online store for all your basic needs. The site offers a wide range of products like a handbag, hockey game, dolls, teddy bear, mirror wall sticker, cleaning scrubber, earphones, Pest repellent, belts, Grooming trimmer, Video games, etc.

Before you order any item or make a transaction from your wallet, stay with us for the whole article and find out more about its specification, advantages, disadvantages, and what the customers have to say.

Specifications of Uistores.com

  • Products- Home accessories and many other items.
  • Website: https://uistores.com/
  • Shipping time- 8 to 14 days, Free Shipping Over 30$
  • Refund- within 30 days
  • Return – within 30 days
  • Mode of payment- Online (Pay pal and credit card) 
  • Email- richlyqndjfh@gmail.com, Yeyangge03@kokoerp.com
  • Contact Number- 1-877-2534927
  • Address- Not Available
  • Contact Person- Not mentioned

Is Uistores.com Legit?

Owing to the availability of primary information like contact number and email id on the site, it seems legit at first glance, but there is no contact address. The site looks messy and doesn’t have segregation for products that makes us dig deeper.

We found that the content is also copied and pasted, images are also not real

Though the site claims that it is present in the market from 2008, we found that the domain is registered just eight months ago. 

As per our analysis, we found that the site has been linked to domains of many other countries linked to fraudulent sites. It also has an inferior trust score of 1% only and if a suspected as a source of spam. The domain name also has a short life expectancy. Thus we can’t say it is a 100% legit site.

Advantages of buying Products from Uistores.com

  • Huge discounts and offers are available
  • Free shipping above 30 $
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Easy Returns are there
  • 90 Days money-back guarantee (as per the site)
  • 100 % satisfaction guaranteed (as per the site)
  • Many products under a single roof
  • 24/7/365 email support
  • Primary information like Email id and Contact number are there
  • Uistores.com reviews of customers are available on the site

Disadvantages of buying Products from Uistores.com:

  • Links of social media do not direct us to the page of Uistores.com
  • No real images are used
  • The site is not attractive enough to catch the attention of buyers
  • No segregation of products
  • Content is plagiarized
  • No Physical Address mentioned
  • Low traffic volume
  • Online mode of payment only
  • The domain name has been linked to other fraudulent sites
  • The short life expectancy of domain name
  • The site is suspected to be a source of spam

What are customers saying about Uistores.com?

Many Uistores.com Reviews available on the site from the buyers show buyers are quite happy and satisfied with the site’s products and services. 

They appreciate the site as they found the product to be of high quality and comfortable and stylish as the exact thing they were looking for a long time.

 But we did not find any single review online that creates some suspicion as well about the site.

Final Verdict

The website offers a variety of items to cater to the needs of the audience, but the domain name is too new to be trusted as very few, or none have purchased anything. 

As per our research, we found that the domain was registered only eight months ago, but according to the information given on the site, it is working in the market since 2008 that creates so many doubts regarding its legitimacy.

We suggest our customers not rush to the site immediately, and if you want to buy anything from this site, do some more research

0 thoughts on “Uistores.com Reviews [Sept 2020] This Is A Good Website Or Not!

  1. Total scam. Did not receive the product i ordered. Instead they shipped cheap plastic smartphone tripod.

  2. not happy with doll, no clothes, no bottle, no pacifier–need to put size, thought was a little bigger than it is not worth $30.00. would like to have a refund actually. haven’t taken out of the bag it comes in.

  3. This is a fraudulent website!!! Do not order from them!! I recently purchased the so called “journey alive,” and paid almost $40 with shipping, which bu the way took over a month to receive it, and my 6 year old daughter was crying for 1 whole day because all they sent was a 2 inch so called “baby” that is not even with $1. SCAM,SCAM,SCAM! I don’t know how people can be so evil I making people believe they will be getting all product that doesn’t even compare 1% of what they send.

  4. This store has so many names. I bought a Doll frrom UISTORES. But got answers from different companies. Thanking me for my order. The stores. UISTORE &YEYANGGE03 & NOW WE HAVE A NOTHER STORE. http://WWW.SMOOTHCREATIONS.COM &NEXT GENS ??? Please someone tell me what to do. Thank you.

  5. I ordered a 17″ REAL LIFELIKE JOURNEY REBORN BABY DOLL GIRL From uistores that had hair, eyelashes, outfit, bottle , pacifier and mouth that could be opened to place pacifier. They sent me a plastic 7″ child’s doll in a sandwich bag and now is giving me a hard time to send correct doll or refund my money. They actually told me to sell it to someone else.

  6. I received a newborn doll, it is very ugly and the fabrication has a lot of imperfections. I paid 35,98 $ for a doll I could buy at the one dollar store. I am returning this product and want a reimbursement.

    Not satisfied at all. So frustrated and it is a real disappointment. What a rip-off, you should be ashamed to take advantage of clients like that.


  8. Welp. Looks like I’m not the only one who has been taken by UIStores for that gorgeous newborn baby doll. Ordered mine on June 23 for $38.98 which includes shipping cost. I received the same hideous 8″ latex doll in a ziploc bag like others have reported here. I immediately filed a report with Paypal to try to get my money back. And, I also emailed the seller with my complaint. The seller did reply, apologizing, asking if I can still use the doll. I said no, I want a refund. They replied and said that I could really use the doll and would I take a $2 refund. ???!!! I repeated that I want a refund. Paypal should resolve this case by the 11th of August. We shall see what happens. I did upload photos of the doll I ordered and the doll I was sent to the Paypal website, trying to help my case. It is very easy to see that I was sent garbage. It’s hideous. At the very least, this may be a $40 lesson for me to not shop on a Facebook website. The site sure looked legit. Now that I’ve been taken, I can see that there are many others like myself who were fooled, too.

  9. All of there products are very cheap and a scam. The company needs to be sued for false advertising. I purchased a shark that was advertised as moving like real as you touch it. The toy sent was a rock solid piece of plastic. Total scam0

  10. Uistores wacked me big time for the Realistic puppies and other animals. These were going to be Christmas gifts. The old saying goes ” If it too good to be true, it’s probably not.” We live and learn.

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