Personal Fury Website Reviews [Dec 2021] Legit or a Hoax?

Personal Fury Website Reviews

Personal Fury Website Reviews [Dec 2021] Legit or a Hoax? -> In this article, you got to know about a brand that serves authentic gifts to the customers at the most reasonable prices.

Are looking for a website that helps you pick the perfect gift for the one which you like the most? Personal Fury Website Reviews will take you on a ride of the company that is into selling the products that you have been searching all over around you.

Though every day is a day for our mother and father, there is one particular occasion when their love is celebrated all across the globe. It is the best time makes them feel loved and feel the most important- more than anything and more than anyone else.

Picking up the right gift for them can bring a smile on their face that will be priceless. A website is coming up in the United States and is promising to provide you with an authentic collection of gifts that will be unique and will reflect your feeling of love when you will present those in front of your loved ones.

So, do not miss to go through the Personal Fury Website Reviews and pick the right one.

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What is Personal Fury Website?

Personal Fury is an online gift store that provides various trendy and unique gifts for almost all occasions. They include mugs, posters, apparel, jewellery, etc.

The website also provides custom items and takes special orders. They give multiple options for payments.

The company has its own best customer support services. The return and exchange policy are provided only when the order has a significant problem. And can apply for the cancellation within 12 hours from the time of order.

Specifications of Personal Fury Website:

  • URL of the official website of the company: offered by the company: Gifts, Mugs, Posters, Apparel, Jewelry.
  • Processing time taken by the company: It takes approximately 2 – 5 business days
  • The domestic delivery policy put forward by the company: It takes about 2 – 5 business days.
  • The international delivery policy put forward by the company: It takes about 1 -2 weeks.
  • Return policy put forward by the company: Applicable only when the product has a significant problem.
  • Exchange policy put forward by the company: Applicable only when the product has a significant problem.
  • Refund policy put forward by the company: Processed when the return is received and inspected.
  • Cancellation policy put forward by the company: Applicable within 12 hours from the time of order.
  • Payment modes provided by the company to its customers: American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa.
  • Email id of the company:
  • Contact details of the company: (669) 200 1986
  • US Warehouse address: 1300 Rosa Parks Blvd. Detroit, MI 48324
  • Canada address: 422 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4

Pros of Personal Fury Website:

  • The website is SSL certified.
  • The company provides trendy and unique gifts to customers.
  • The company has its mail server and customer support services.

Cons of Personal Fury Website:

  • The website is created recently.
  • The website does not have an external review option.

What are the categories of products in which the Personal Fury Website deals?

  • Anniversary gifts
  • Father’s Day
  • Gifts for Mom
  • Gifts for Dad 
  • Gifts for Daughter 
  • Gifts for Best friend
  • Mugs 
  • Portals
  • Apparels 
  • Jewellery

What are the people saying about the Personal Fury Website?

The website has given a complete separate section which displays the reviews provided by the customer who has bought gifts from this website.

The reviews tell that the customers are delighted with the products they have purchased, and also, the company is working well in its domain.

The web store is doing well, and it can easily be reflected in the happiness of the people who have bought the products as well as on the faces of those who have received those gifts from the people they love the most.

The Final Verdict about the Personal Fury Website:

After coming across the complete website, we found a point that we felt necessary to discuss as the conclusion part with our readers.

The company has managed its website quite well. Everything can be called placed well in place when it comes to the site. The company has taken the initiative to provide all the information in detail, which is good. 

Thus, the people who have been longing to buy products from this website can go for it as the company is entirely safe to invest in.

22 thoughts on “Personal Fury Website Reviews [Dec 2021] Legit or a Hoax?

  1. Hi I…. I purchased a mug for Father’s Day for a family member on 06/02/2020 order PF64087..And as of yet the tracking does not inform me that I will have it by 06/21/2020 for Father’s Day… It’s a little over 2 weeks that I placed this order…Any information on my order will be greatly appreciated…Thanks

  2. I placed an order for a shirt haven’t received any ensil or anything please let me know what is going on tha k you

    1. Personal fury removed my negative comment on their website , so tells me that that only keep the positive ones posted.
      I ordered items June 7 with the expectation delivery in 2 weeks , with slight delay with covid issues . However it’s now 5 weeks , snd first to wait 45 days from purchase before they will consider it list. Then again another response said to wait 90 days ! I will dispute charge at 45 day time with VISA . . Not sure how you could mix the fact they only have positive comments .. that’s a caution to starr

  3. Ordered a T-shirt that was to arrive The Friday before Father’s Day. I still have not received it. I contacted them and they said they were sorry for the delay, and they got swamped with orders. It’s aweek past due tomorrow.

  4. I purchases a mug for Father’s Day approx 2 weeks before and still have not received it. I have written to them and they have told me they are looking into it but still nothing. When you track the item, it stops at June 8th in Carson City, CA and no updates after that. I’m starting to think I’ve been scammed.

  5. Yeah this website is garbage, the customer service is non-existant, and you won’t get your order for weeks. They say the delivery time is like a week but I have to wait 3, and I’m convinced if I didn’t constantly bother them my order never would have even showed up. Then some guy named “Randy Orton” got pissy with me that I was complaining that the GIFT I ORDERED for father’s day wasn’t here A WEEK AFTER FATHERS DAY and he blamed it on covid. All my other online purchases haven’t been delayed more than 5ish days and I ordered a month in advance. And also they don’t show any reviews under 4 stars, probably because they would have 1 star if they did. Don’t waste your money.

    1. Did you end up getting your order at all? I placed an order a few days ago and only after started reading all these bad reviews (I should have done more reseat first). I’m debating opening a dispute case with my credit card company, but if you got your order then I may wait a bit longer.

  6. Ii received a tshirt it is cute but it is not the one I ordered but it is not the one ordered. i wanted the mom shirt in blue size large. i hope you do the right thing and send the shirt i wanted. i will give a good review.

  7. I placed an order 6/15 and it still hasn’t been delivered. Tracking shows it will be delivered 7/3. When I contacted them they said they sent another one. It shows it made it to CA and has been sitting since 7/8. Good thing I used a credit card and I will be disputing it.

    1. ME TOO! I’ve been waiting since June 14th! No items sent or replaced. Also, tracking stopped at July 7th. Horrible customer service.

  8. I ordered a mug for fathers day back in May27th n its now July 21 its been 2 months where is my mug?!!

  9. I placed an order yesterday for a November birthday. Reading these comments I began to wonder if some of these delivery issues have been caused by the USPS.
    The new Postmaster General took over in June and started dismantling sorting machines, cut overtime, etc.
    Just wondering if that has anything to do with delivery issues. Hope my order shows up by November!

  10. I placed an order on 7/26/20 it is now 9/15/20. I asked and complained about my order 3 times and got no response. My order is #PF100357. I can’t see how COVID-19 could delay this order this long. Have my doubts about this company. They waste no time taking the MONEY from your account ;but will you receive your ORDER ???????????????

  11. Do you get your money back if the product doesn’t come in cause I just ordered a mug for my husband from his girls and I want it before Christmas

  12. Hi Heather’s, did you get your mug you ordered for your husband ??? I ordered 6 Christmas ornaments on 14th November 2020 and I wrote an email to them and they still haven’t answered me. I’ve had no correspondence from them since I bought it to tell me that it’s been mailed and no tracking number for me to watch and see how its travelling. Now I’m getting worried after reading all these bad reviews. I do hope I get mine sent out before Christmas as they are Christmas presents for my family and friends. I hope you got your mug too.

    1. I ordered a mug 22 November and have received nothing since the first email. No tracking, nothing. Disappointed really. I’m in Australia. Not feeling hopeful 🙁

  13. Did anyone whose tracking stopped file a lost package with the USPS? They will try to locate your pkg. at the last post office it was tracked to, & email you with updates on their efforts.

  14. I have also ordered two ornaments one on November 19th and still have not received any news on the order being filled or the tracking number for it. I began looking up this company today to make sure it was legit and now worried after seeing on these negative reviews. I ordered using I believe my paypal credit card possibly so maybe I can dispute the charge and they can just get it back from the company for me. Thanks for writing the negative because it allows me to know to go ahead and dispute the order now sooner rather than later.

  15. The above comments??? What are you doing here??? Go to their website or spam their email would make better sense!!!!!!

  16. This company has nonexistent support. Do yourself a favor and do not order from this company, as you most likely will be very disappointed. Any company that does not provide a phone #to speak with a human being (number listed above simply tells you to contact them via email – and their website itself lists no phone #) is not legitimate. We have now waited almost 2 months for an order, with no info after multiple email follow ups – we have limited detail of “USPS awaiting delivery to its facility’ 5 states away. That had been since December 12th. This is not a USPS issue, this is a company issue, plain and simple. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

  17. I’ve emailed your company 8 times!!!!!!….I received a t-shirt in a SMALL SIZE I requested A LARGE SIZE, no response. ?my order #PF287403

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