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Melesy com Reviews [June] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not

Melesy Review,

Melesy com Reviews [June] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not >> This article is regarding a website that is selling beautiful apparel for women.

 Do you want to buy fashionable attire? Then you can get it on the Melesy Clothing of the United States

This store has a varied range of sassy clothes. But the buyers want to know how safe it is to get any clothes from this website. In the Melesy com Reviews, we will discuss whether you should opt to get the products from this site. 

What is Melesy Clothing?

It is an online shopping store which is selling perfect clothes for summer. Its products consist of tops and short dresses.  It is available at

You can get the clothes from this store for a perfect brunch party in the summers. The customers can also get joggers and summer suits from this store. The products of this store have high prices. For example, a T-shirt costs 33.99 dollars. 

Although the products are stylish, interested buyers also need to think about the prices. If you are looking for some attire for the party, then you can get the distressed jeans from this website. It’s perfect for occasions like a night out with friends or a day-out with them. With images of the products shown on the site, buying from here is not a tough decision to make. You can also choose the perfect size from the different sizes listed here. 

The material of the products is also described on the site, which makes it an easy buy. A combination of polyester and cotton is used to make the products. 

There are exciting products available on the site like a Dye T-shirt and a Leopard print T-shirt. You can get the products for yourself or buy them for a close pal. 

Specifications of Melesy Clothing

  • Offerings: Tshirts, Tops, and Suits
  • Address-not included on the website.
  • Shipping time-Its 6-20 days from the time you place the order. However, the time can be more for countries other than Canada and the US.
  • Return-30 days after you have received the product
  • Refund-complete refund   
  • Mode of payment- Credit Card, and Paypal

Is Melesy Clothing Legit?

The online reviews listed on the website of this product are quite good. Customers are satisfied with the quality of the products. The company is also willing to exchange those products for free, which have flaws like a zipper malfunction. If the product delivered to you is not of the correct size, free of cost exchange happens. 

But since the online customer reviews are absent, we can’t prove its legitimacy.

Pros of getting products from the Melesy Clothing

  • Product video or picture to be shown to initiate an exchange 
  • Email to be written for the exchange and the response time is 1-3 days.  
  • The customer is sent the exchange product within 72 hours of the confirmation of exchange. 
  • A refund is done to the PayPal or credit card account if the customer wants to return the product. 
  • The company bears shipping fees for an exchange product 

Cons of getting products from Melesy Clothing

  • The company does not consider itself responsible if you choose the wrong size. The company also does not find itself responsible if the buyer does not like the product. 
  • In such situations, the buyer is responsible for the shipping costs of the returned products. 

What are the customers saying about Melesy Clothing? 

There are no online reviews except those listed on the website. Also, the site does not have the owner’s name. But the product quality seems good. So, you can get these products after doing some research. 

The company delivers its products through carriers such as DHL and FedEx. Hence extra costs of 19.99 dollars are imposed as freight costs. 

You need to register on the site to get products from it. During registration, you provide various kinds of information, which include your billing address, email address, credit card number, and phone number. 

The company uses software such as McAfee and Norton to make sure that your credit card information is encoded as you transfer it. This software makes sure that there is no leakage of such information. 

Employees that work with this organization have to be part of a confidentiality agreement, which protects them from leaking any information about you to third parties. 

You can also ask for more information about this privacy policy by sending an email to them. Send complaints to this email address 

Final Verdict 

So, we conclude in the Melesy com Reviews that the legitimacy of this online site can’t be proved in the absence of the customer reviews available online.

It’s selling some trendy attire for women. You can buy products from this site after doing some investigation or by doing some manual check on your own. 

Our Melesy com Reviews are not so favorable because there is no mention of the company address. 

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  1. If there is no address for this company we can assume it is out of China. If you dont have a paypal account can you use a credit card without going thru paypal. I’m still not sure if this Melesy is legit without this info.
    Can you clarify

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