Trandbuy Reviews (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Space or Scam?

Trandbuy Reviews 2020

Trandbuy Reviews (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Space or Scam? >> This article talks about the reality of a site that offers a wide range of products.

Are you an online shopper? If that is the case with you, then you are in the correct place where you will find a lot of info regarding a newly created online shopping website that offers a wide variety of products for your ease in one place.

 We all know that the trend of shopping has undergone massive changes over time. Now people love to do online shopping rather than visiting the brick-and-mortar store. 

Trandy buy com is also a shopping site which is being operated from the United States.

Trandbuy Reviews will help you in deciding whether it is safe to do online shopping from this site.

What is Trandbuy?

Trandbuy is a newly registered online shopping website offering a wide range of products like baking tools, art and crafts, tea Kettler, toaster oven cookware, soda makers, slow cookers, smartwatch accessories, sport and fitness headphone, repair kits, rice cookers and many more options are available.

In this site, you get the option to check their items by selecting their latest, famous and average rating products. Besides these, they also provided that they offer almost 12000 products in total.

Suppose you have any query regarding the quality of the product or their customer service. In that case, you can directly contact with them in their office address 10999 Interstate 10 West, San Antonio, TX 78230, or you can mail them at

 To get more details about the site you can go through the entire article Trandbuy Reviews.

Specification of the Trandbuy:

  • Website: Deals in a wide range of products.
  • Email:
  • Address: 10999 Interstate 10 West, San Antonio, TX 78230.
  • Contact Number: 1-681-434-3773
  •  Shipping time: 3-14 business days.
  • Shipping Cost: Free of charge.
  • Return/Refund policy-30 days
  • Mode of Payment: Paypal, Maestro Visa, Master card, debit card, Credit Cards accepted. 

Positive Aspects of the website Trandbuy

  • This site is encrypted by https protocol which ensures that the online payment gateway if fully protected and secure.
  • This website deals in a wide range of products.
  • It has given every contact detail like email id, contact number and building address which most of the website does not mention.
  • It offers 30 days return and refund policy which is further an additional benefit of this site.
  • This site offers free shipping in all places and to all customers. 

For further details, please stay connected to us and read the full article Trandbuy Reviews.

Negative aspects of the site Trandbuy:

  • It is a newly developed site which has been officially registered a few days back and hence not reliable.
  • Since it is a new site, we are unable to find precise info regarding it in Google.
  • They have not developed page in any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more are there.
  • The content of the website is also low, and the about us page of the site is also plagiarised.
  • We are unable to find a single review made by any customer regarding the quality of product or customer service of the company. 

If you are enjoying the article, kindly stay with us and go through Trandbuy Reviews.

Is Trandbuy legit?

From the points which are discussed above, one can easily understand that this site is new and might be a scam since 

No customer reviews are given in Google, they do not have a social media presence, and apart from these, it has a poor website content quality which makes it more suspicious. 

So, we will not suggest this site to anyone until we get more info regarding it and we request everyone to share this information with their family and friends so that they can remain cautious while browsing such sites.

Customer Reviews:

Trandbuy Reviews are not available on Google. We are unable to find a single customer feedback regarding the quality of the product or service of the company. So, it is better to stay away from such sites.

Final Verdict:

Relying upon the above discussion, it can be concluded lastly that this site is not legit and possibly a scam because there are a lot of negative points like no info in google, plagiarised content of the website, no social media page and last but not the least there is no customer reviews regarding it. 

So we will not recommend this site to anyone and request all to do your research effectively before investing your money in such a website. Please visit this page Trandbuy Reviews regularly to get all the current updates about the site. 

Kindly share your opinion in the comment box. 

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