Is Earlyscores Legit (Dec 2020) Read Reviews to Know More

Is Earlyscores Legit 2020

Is Earlyscores Legit (Dec 2020) Read Reviews to Know More >> Do you want to know about the website helping the students to get their AP scores early? Do read this article in detail to learn more.

How does a website become a boon for many students worldwide, especially when they have to check the AP scores of their colleges? Many students worldwide from many parts of the country can check their AP scores by the system of a website known as Earlyscores.

 Through this article, ‘Is Earlyscores Legit,’ we will understand the website of Earlyscores from the United States, which has taken all the students by surprise because they can get the service exactly what this website has to claim. We will know a little bit more details about the website of Earlyscores.

Is Earlyscores Legit?

We found the colleges’ students’ reviews, and they have to say that they have been very successful in getting their AP scores before the official AP score list by their colleges. This website of Earlyscores has helped them in many ways, and it does what it claims. 

So whatever the information that we found about Earlyscores, we can say that this website of Earlyscores is entirely legit for anybody, especially for the students to use it. Earlyscores website also has the presence on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter as well as Facebook. 

Through this ‘Is Earlyscores Legit,’ we can see that the website of Earlyscores will grow very rapidly because it serves the students.

What is Earlyscores?

Any student can get the AP score from the College Board server from this website of Earlyscores, which helps find the information on the colleges’ official website. Students can’t get the direct score from the colleges’ official websites, but this website of Earlyscores can surely help them, and it has been doing its work for five years. 

We found on the official website of Earlyscores that more than 1 million students have accessed this website and got help through it. Through this ‘Is Earlyscores Legit,’ we also found that there is accuracy and trust and the students’ security, which this website of Earlyscores claims for the students.

Specifications of Earlyscores

  • Website services: Students can use this website of Earlyscores to check their AP scores before the releasing time.
  • Founder: Jacob
  • Email:
  • Contact number: +1 (833) 3671612
  • Social media presence: Earlyscores website has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Pros of Earlyscores

  • Through this ‘Is Earlyscores Legit,’ we found that the website of Earlyscores claims the security of the students’ data and College Board information on the website.
  • The website also claims that many students, approximately over 1,000,000, have already shown their trust. They can visit this site to get their AP scores as early as possible.
  • There is also the benefit of the data’s accuracy if students want their AP scores before their College Board releases the list.
  • Earlyscores website also has a significant presence on Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram.

Cons of Earlyscores

  • The website of Earlyscores still lacks popularity on the Internet because so many unknown students are there about it.
  • Some people doubt the Earlyscores site’s accuracy, which means the Earlyscores website still needs to give confidence to all such people.
  • The ranking of the Earlyscores website on the Internet is still not very high. Still, it is moderate, and it can even become better if more and more people become associated with the Earlyscores website. So, it needs more advertisement.

Customers’ Reviews

As far as the reviews of those students who have used this website of Earlyscores are concerned, through this ‘Is Earlyscores Legit,’ we found that most students are showing their satisfaction level.

 They had said that AP score something that they wanted to know before the releasing time, and this website of Earlyscores helped them in the best possible manner.

Final Verdict

If a website like Earlyscores helps students get their AP score before getting official scores from the website and the information is correct with 100% accuracy, they can’t ask for anything more. 

It’s been five years since Earlyscores has been giving its services to the students, and they have put their trust in it completely. Earlyscores site is also inviting for the discussions as we found on the official website. 

Therefore, through this ‘Is Earlyscores Legit,’ we can say that the website of Earlyscores is worth visiting for all those college-going students looking for their AP scores.

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