Ups Delivery Text Scam (Dec 2020) Scanty Reviews Below


Ups Delivery Text Scam (Dec 2020) Scanty Reviews Below >> This article gives you the information about a text scam and also suggest some ways how they can misuse your personal information!

Did you get a message about a package from UPS? There is a new e-mail circulating to many people in the United States. UPS (United Postal Service) is making people aware of fraudulent e-mail circulating. 

They are warning people so that people can avoid being victims of such a scam. The messages circulating is not sent by UPS and are not associated with them in any way.

Hence, believing any message, text, e-mail, or phone call can trap you in a UPS Delivery Text Scam. This article will provide you with the scam details to make you stay away from it.

What is UPS Scam?

UPS Scam is a text message, e-mail, or phone call sent by scammers to trap innocent people in the United States. These messages can contain UPS officials’ titles, colors, or logos, looking like an authentic message.

These messages contain hyperlinks to viruses and malwares that can infect the electronic devices that you are using to open their messages. It can be a risk for fraudulent activities by the scammers.Viewers are advised to stay away from such scams as it is a UPS Delivery Text Scam.

How can you stay vigilant from UPS Scam?

UPS has many resources dedicated to identify, prevent, and stop fraudulent activities of the scammers. These hackers and scammers often change their ways to avoid getting detected.

UPS advised not to provide any personal information, IDs, passwords, financial information, bank details, or any other personal details through message, e-mail, or a phone call.

Scammers can ask for this information in exchange for the transportation of the services and goods. If you provide your details, it can result in UPS Delivery Text Scam.

What to do if you get a message from UPS?

UPS has advised the receivers of the fraudulent messages not to click on any links provided in the e-mails or messages. You can send a screenshot of the fraudulent text to the UPS officials at

The officials will investigate the screenshots send by you, and will help you stay safe from scams.

These officials have also provided information regarding the text scam on its website. You should delete any unknown messages claimed to be sent by UPS. Any personal details provided by you can trap you and misuse your information because it is a UPS Delivery Text Scam.

Final Verdict:

There is news about a new text scam of UPS. An e-mail is being circulated that asks to claim goods and services in exchange for your personal or financial details.

You can get a fraud message or a phone call claiming to be from UPS officials. It is a scam and is not valid.

These messages might contain titles, logos, or the color of UPS officials to show its authenticity. However, it is not true as it is a UPS Delivery Text Scam.

Hence, stay alert and safe from such scams.Please leave your comments at the end!

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