Top 5 Advantages of Living in Europe

Best Top Top 5 Advantages of Living in Europe

Top 5 Advantages of Living in Europe: Are you thinking about starting a new chapter of your life by relocating to another country or another continent? If you are currently living in a non-EU country, there is an excellent chance that you might be considering moving to Europe.

As a matter of fact, many expats consider moving to Europe – but the question is, what makes life so exciting and excellent across the river?

If you are probing the same question, then you are here at the right place. You should know everything about the potential advantages of moving to a European country and starting a new part of your life by working and living there. This is specifically true if you are moving to Europe from the US.

Without further ado, let us jump into the list of five advantages of residing in Europe:

Explore the World’s Best Art Museums

If you are a lover of everything related to art, you will be thrilled to know that Europe is the hub of the best art museums. For instance, once you are in Europe and get a residential and work permit, you will be allowed to visit your nearby countries and explore their excellent museums – speaking of which, you must visit “the Louvre” in Paris as it is considered the best art museum on this globe.

Avail of the World’s Best Excellent Health Care System

European countries rank high on the WHO’s index when it comes to healthcare. Germany and France have the number one excellent health care system globally. That said, while you are busy exploring Europe and accidentally get sick, the doctors will nicely take care of you. Most European countries offer high-quality medical care.

And if you are worried about potential language barriers, don’t worry, as most European doctors and pharmacists are familiar with English.

Get the Chance to Explore a Different Culture

Suppose you are a non-EU citizen who will be visiting Europe or living in a European country for the first time. In that case, you will be amazed to know how liberal and tolerant most of the European countries are, such as the Netherlands and Denmark.

You will be surprised to know that some of the most financially-stable European countries, such as the Netherlands, have nearly 20% of expats who work there and even have their own companies. Depending on the country of your choice where you decide to live and work, you won’t only get to know their culture but also get to learn a new language.

How cool is that? You will become a proud member of the global communities of bilinguals and multilingual.

Get to Ride in Excellent Public Transports

We all know that Europe is famous for its excellent public transport systems – besides, everything is so organized and proper that even the simplest bus ride will make you happy. If you don’t own a car, or cannot afford a car, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

You can always benefit from the transport system or simply ride a bicycle. Yes, you will find the trend of bicycles over cars very interesting. In fact, many European countries, such as Germany and Denmark, encourage their citizens to cycle to school, college, and work and avoid driving cars to protect the environment.

If you aren’t fond of bicycling to work but don’t have a car either, there is nothing to worry about as you will find the high-speed trains, buses, and electric trams very efficient. The best part is that the transportation system isn’t only efficient within a country but also connects one country to another – making traveling so much easier and faster.

Taste European Delicacies

If you are a foodie and love to taste food from different regions, then you will immensely enjoy the European delicacies, including different types of cheese and bread. Not to mention the wide variety of wines and other local foods that are available at corner shops.

Wait till you hear the best part – grocery items and food in Europe are very cheap as compared to other parts of the world. Outside of Europe, most of the food items and delicacies are considered luxury goods that have been exclusively imported and cost people so much more than they would have originally back in Europe.

Do you love chocolates – if yes, visit Switzerland and Belgium and have a first-hand experience of the best chocolate treats in the world?

Trust us when we tell you that the advantages of living, working, and even retiring in Europe are many, which is why many expats decide to give up their jobs and life while settling in Europe for a better life.

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