Long Live the Liver: 7 Things You Can do to Improve Your Liver Health

Health Tips Long Live the Liver

Long Live the Liver: The liver is one of the most significant organs in your body, performing over five hundred essential tasks each day, including removing harmful toxins and food metabolization. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of liver health, engaging in unhealthy habits that can lead to compilations down the line. 

If you’re looking to improve your health and keep your liver running smoothly, check out the following seven tips to increase your lifespan and overall quality of life. 

Use alcohol responsibly

Though drunken nights out and wine-filled stay-ins are fun every once in a while, prolonged alcohol usage can wreak havoc on your liver. Unfortunately, daily drinks and alcohol abuse can lead to detrimental health complications, like cirrhosis and scarring on the liver. On top of liver-related diseases, many hard-core drinkers find themselves at an increased risk for certain cancers and cardiovascular problems. 

Fortunately, those who struggle with alcohol abuse can find help avoiding or reversing cirrhosis by joining a treatment program for alcoholism. Though the road to recovery may be challenging at times, your body and mind will thank you in the long run. 

Prevent hepatitis

Another liver-destroying disease is Hepatitis—a critical condition that causes liver inflammation.  

Sadly, Hepatitis can do a number on your body, leading you down a road to chronic conditions and irreparable damage without proper treatment.  

The best way to prevent hepatitis is to get vaccinated and practice good hygiene. For example, Hepatitis A spreads through food and water, so wash your hands frequently and avoid contaminated spreads.

Drink coffee

Great news for coffee lovers everywhere— drinking a coffee each day can help prevent liver diseases like cancer and cirrhosis. Plus, those living with chronic liver conditions can slow progress by partaking in a daily cup of joe. 

That said, drinking coffee isn’t a cure-all for liver-related ailments. So, make sure to combine your morning cup with plenty of water, healthy food, and frequent exercise.

Eat a balanced diet

Another excellent way to combat degenerative illnesses and liver conditions is eating a rich, balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables are jam-packed with healthy vitamins and fibers to help prevent disease and keep your body in tip-top shape. 

On top of a fruit and veggie frenzy, make sure to cut back on refined carbs, add low-fat dairy, and introduce healthy fats like fish, nuts, and seeds to keep your liver happy. 

Medicate with caution

Acetaminophen— a pain and fever reliever found in most cold and flu products— can, unfortunately, lead to liver damage without popper use. When dipping into your pain-relieving stash, check the directions thoroughly, taking only the amount prescribed to keep your body safe from harmful effects. 

Additionally, consider avoiding herbal supplements like chaparral and kava, which can clog arteries inside your liver, leading to damage. 


Engaging in regular exercise has substantial health benefits, not only in protecting your liver but also in preventing other dangerous diseases. Exercise burns fat in the blood, improving insulin levels and preventing built-up fatty tissue, both of which can lead to deadly liver conditions. 

Avoid toxins

When coming in contact with chemicals and toxins, consider throwing on safety goggles, masks, and gloves to protect your body from toxic inhalations. Unfortunately, many chemicals in household cleaners and insecticides can damage the cells in your liver. So, when diving deep into cleaning efforts, keep your body clean by steering clear of direct chemical contact.  

Wrap up

By sticking to a healthy regimen, keeping your alcohol use to a minimum, and using medication only as directed, you and your liver can live a long, happy life. 

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