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Latest News New European CBD Legislations

New European CBD Legislations: Cannabis is a rich source of many chemical ingredients that are used for different purposes in the medical field and many other ways, it has been legalized in Europe since it is a growing market so many Europeans dealers are investing in it as they can see the bright future in this market.

Due to legalization, the sale of products was high at the beginning, but now it is no more as free to sell as in the compared beginning.

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The situation in Europe:

CBD products are used as food supplements or novel food products, do due to their demand and growing market you can easily buy cheap CBD products,  so far there is no restriction on buying or selling these products.

But there is a particular condition for legalization of these CBD products that is they should contain less than 0.2% of the desired chemical ingredients such as tetrahydrocannabinol, so despite the growing market, not all the European countries are benefited from all the over the counter CBD products.

The legal limit varies from one European country to another.

  • 0.3% sale is allowed in Austria and Luxembourg.
  • 1% THC is allowed in Switzerland.
  • 0.2% is allowed in France and is declared legal.

In the context of European food and safety, all CBD products are considered novel food, by national food and authority. But these are not binding guidelines different EU countries have guidelines according to their regularities depending on the trade and manufacturing of CBD.

What is hemp? What is considered marijuana?

Regardless of useable CBD content, the cannabis product containing more than 0.25% of THC is considered marijuana so it is illegal because of the high ratio of THC.

Cannabis sativa products containing less than 0.2% of chemical constituents THC are considered hemp and used in many industrial processes. This is legal in Europe, but country specifications vary in many countries of Europe depending on their legislation.

UK  does not view pure CBD as narcotics:

  • Because chemical constituents less than 0.2% are legal in Europe so all CBD products are considered legal, and their cultivation is also permitted legally because their desiring chemical constituent is within the allowed limit.
  • And CBD products in more than 100 milligrams are not allowed to be sold to the customer who may be considered an end-user.
  • The prescription-only medication have also CBD contents.
  • In Europe every one can still buy CBD products without a prescription:
  • CBD products can only be prescribed only on prescriptions, particularly for the higher dose of CBD preparations without regard to THC contents.
  • But they are sold in drug stores, in pharmacies if their ratio of THC  is less than 0.2%, and the implementation of tax is depending on the constituted ratio.
  • 0.2% THC is considered industrial hemp and is allowed legally to be grown in France. 
  • Highly pure CBD isolates are used in the manufacturing of such preparations, however, full-spectrum CBD may not be traded legally.
  • CBD oils, CBD ointments, and other CBD  preparations are brought to pharmacies and drug stores but can be sold only under the prescription of physicians. 
  • CBD oils and flavors are no longer sold, but CBD preparations with up to 0.6% are also tolerated legally.

What happens in France and Europe about CBD?

According to the narcotics control act, the hemp plant is considered with constituents of less than 1percent,  due to this amendment the production of CBD has been simplified, which will reduce manufacturing cost,  it is considered a soft drug in Netherland but still, they haven’t permitted the CBD oils preparations. 

The Supreme court of Switzerland is considered CBD products with low THC  as narcotics,  the Swedish agency requested to bring in line that the CBD product is legal for medical purposes, according to pharmaceutical law, but the request was rejected for CBD products in oral preparations.

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