Susan Wardrobe Dolls Review {Oct} Is It Trusted Website?

Susan Wardrobe Dolls Review 2020

Susan Wardrobe Dolls Review {Oct} Is It Trusted Website?  >> The article, mentioned above, is for a site named Susan Wardrobe that sells handcrafted dolls.

Whenever we talk about childhood, we end up thinking to abut some fancy dolls and images of us playing with them as a child. Those days, we used to take our parents with us to the toy store and would ask them to buy us dolls. Now, the world has shifted online. Are you based in the United States? Are you thinking of getting a doll for your little one? Then you must read this article carefully, giving attention to every minute detail as here we talk about a website that sells dolls. 

So, read on for Susan Wardrobe Dolls Review. This article will tell you a lot of things about this website. You will be able to decide whether or not you should purchase from the website.

So, read on.

What are Susan Wardrobe dolls?

Susan Wardrobe also sells various clothing and shoes, but there is an entirely different section designated to the dolls that this website sells. We tried to gather more information about the dolls that this United States-based website offers. 

As per the website, it sells handmade dolls. The dolls are claimed to be made up of natural materials. There are various Waldorf dolls available on the website; these dolls have their hair made up of mohair boucle yarn. 

As per the website, animal fibers are also employed to create the dolls’ hair. Some of the dolls have a traditional appearance, while some of them have a western appeal. There are also caps and other accessories that these dolls wear. The website claims the making of these dolls as a time consuming process. Let’s find more detail about Susan Wardrobe Dolls Review.

We found a beautiful variety of dolls on the website. Apart from the dolls, the website also had various accessories such as dresses, bags, etc. for the dolls that create a beautiful appeal. These dolls are meant for children above seven years of age. These dolls can serve as excellent items for collection.


  • URL of the website:
  • Product it offers – Dolls and clothing pieces.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal
  • Email of the website:
  • Address: Not mentioned on the website 
  • Contact number of the website: 8772534927
  • Time of Delivery: up to 14 business days
  • Shipping Time: 48 hours
  • Return: Within 30 days
  • Social media presence – no Susan Wardrobe Dolls Review

Pros of Susan Wardrobe Dolls:

  • You can get delivery all over the world.
  • The dolls are adorable.
  • The prices of the dolls are reasonable.

Cons of the Website

  • The website is too new to be trusted.
  • There are no customer reviews.
  • The website is not available on social media platforms.

Is Susan Wardrobe Legit?

For Susan Wardrobe Dolls Review, we found that the domain name was registered less than six months ago. It is the first red flag in our way. Next, we noticed that the site doesn’t have any social media presence. The third thing was that the site doesn’t have a single customer review anywhere on the internet. 

Though the site is not blacklisted anywhere and has a valid SSL connection, it is not sufficient to trust it. We found that the website has no owner information provided. There is no mention of the address on the company’s website. Also, the mail that is mentioned has a different domain than the website. All of this makes us think of this website as a scam.

Customer Reviews:

We did a lot of searches to find relevant information about Susan Wardrobe Dolls Review. However, despite many inquiries, we couldn’t find even a single review for the website or the Product to trust this website. It was one factor that made this website a potential scam for us.

Final Conclusion

Therefore, based on the research that we made to get to you the unbiased and original Susan Wardrobe Dolls Review, the website is a scam. We couldn’t find any relevant information that could have pointed towards this website being legit. Though we loved collecting dolls that the website offers, we cannot ask our readers to place an order from the website. We would advise you to stay away from Susan Wardrobe for the sake of safety and security. 

If you have come across this site before, please write to us in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Susan Wardrobe Dolls Review {Oct} Is It Trusted Website?

  1. I ordered two dolls from this site and even received a response thanking me for my order but no dolls! Why are these scam sites allowed on the internet! I am 75 years old and these were Christmas presents! I have been scammed before on these sites that act and look like they are legitimate! Now what do I do??? I guess call the credit card people to get the money refunded! This is wrong on so many levels, people pay good money and get screwed by these scam sites!

  2. I ordered a doll and clothes from this site , got viafacation of shipment from China! So afraid I’ll never see my doll and clothes!
    How long do I wait until I notify PayPal I’ve been scammed??

  3. I ordered a doll for my granddaughter. It took 2 months to get it, but it arrived and it was shipped from China. It looked NOTHING like what I ordered and it didn’t have extra clothes like advertised or the little doll baby the doll was supposed to have. While the face is somewhat cute, it still isn’t like shown. Also the doll was not the same size as advertised. Ive contacted the company by email but not expecting an answer. Very expensive lesson learned.

    1. I ordered one doll and got a completely different doll thing. It took almost 2 months. Pictured, is doll ordered and “doll” received.

  4. I received an order that looks nothing like what I had ordered. I am so disappointed I will be very careful from now on. This is a very cheap doll also I waited close to two months to receive I would not recommend this site No doubt I have been scammed

  5. I ordered 3 dolls with wardrobes
    I also ordered a Christmas sweater. It took 2 months. But I received the sweater( which is just a shirt) 3 ugly. Not what I ordered dolls, and 2 outfits. I will try to get a refund.

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