Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com {Oct 2020} More Details On Qrpass!

Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com

Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com {Oct 2020} More Details On Qrpass!  >> Read summarization for QR codes to learn more about the rules & regulations under the Covid-19.

Are you aware of the news or orders issued in Myanmar concerning the epidemic? If not yet, then you must wade through this news post.

Get the QR pass from Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com before stepping out of your houses in this corona time; otherwise, you must bear the penalty.

Leaf through the rest blog for more briefings and details regarding the news and stay informed and alert. 

What is Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com?

Qrpass codes are the passes issued to the people who carry out their business activities and travel from one town to the other under the stay-at-house period because of coronavirus.

According to the notice generated on 25 September by UMFCCI, only those staff and vehicles registered with the QR codes will be permitted to go out on the road for work. 

Businesses spared from the stay at house order that will like to work during this time can register for the passes through Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com.

Read further to gain more knowledge regarding the Qrpass and learn about those businesses that free to move during this corona period.

Business spared from the stay-at-home rules:-

Twenty-seven businesses can run, and their employees can conduct their undertakings under the government’s orders. Some of them, given below:-

  • Petrol locations
  • Pharmaceutical and medical kit distribution
  • General aerodynamics services
  • Customs aid agencies
  • Financial and banking services in Myanmar 
  • Post services
  • Internet facilities
  • Transportation for import or export goods at the harbors
  • Air carriers
  • In-flight catering jobs
  • Services for broadcasting towers and fiber networks 
  • Drinking water circulation
  • Inland reservoir depots
  • Ground duties

Steps to follow for the registration process on Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com

  1. In observant with the directions, fill out the form on Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com.
  2. Click on the Save button.
  3. For filling in the Employee-list press on the Employee list, add position, name, and township with the employee’s photo and then click on the Save button. 
  • Note- you can add one employee’s information at once and add more employees; you must repeat the last step. After adding the employees on the list, click on the company’s profile.
  1. To add vehicles, you have to go on the vehicle-list then add vehicle details like vehicle type and number and save the details and enter the company’s details after the last step.
  2. When all done, click on the submit button.
  • To acquire the passes, click on the green button of Qrpass, and before submission, make sure all the information is correct.
  • Please note that the registration process can perform online-only, and you can check Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com for brief details.
  • The person will sign-up by using his or her correct and regularly used e-mail address. When done, check for the OTP assigned on your mail-id. 

In the end

While examining for the Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com, we have noticed so many complaints about the portal that the internet site is suffering downtime, and the web page mentions that the site is underneath the steward maintenance.

We would advise you to please do not step out of your homes until it is necessary as we all have noticed that this deadly disease has adversely affected people and can cause death also so please stay at home.

Further, for any queries and problems, the Myanmar citizens can contact them through the contact numbers- 09-402790744 or 09-694820244. 

Eventually, if you have any experience or knowledge related to Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com, please convey the comment box below as your experience can help others.

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