Airstream Pro Earbuds Reviews (March 2021) Are You Buying It?

Airstream Pro Earbuds Reviews 2020

Airstream Pro Earbuds Reviews (March 2021) Are You Buying It? This short article is about wireless earbuds to check whether it is fake or real?

If you’re reading this Airstream Pro Earbuds Reviews, chances are, you live in the United States, and you found these earbuds attractive, or you find these earbuds affordable. Either way, you want to buy them.

But you are not sure… and you might be thinking, whether they’re real or fake? Or Whether they are good or bad? Or Whether they are premium or cheap?

If you have any these concerns, then this message is worth reading to you. And by the time you finished this article… you know every little thing about this product.

About Airstream Pro Earbuds:

Airstream Pro Earbuds are wireless earbuds. These earbuds are manufactured in the United States by lifestyle advantage company. This company make these earbuds with high-quality materials and the latest technology. And to prove that their products are made high-quality materials, they provide 60 days warranty period.

These earbuds are chordless, Easy to Use and Remove. And these earbuds come up with the ultra bass speaker, a magnetic charging mechanism, One-button touch control, and built-in microphone. 


  • Model: LATW-2900BLU
  • Brand: lifestyle advantage
  • Colour: Mint
  • Type: Earbud
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Working range: 30ft
  • Earphones: 35 mAh
  • Charging case: 350 mAh
  • Package includes two earbuds, charging cable, portable charging case, user manual.


  • It has no chords.
  • It has a 60 days warranty. 
  • It has a slim design.
  • It connects to the last device automatically.
  • It has a wireless charging feature.
  • It is easy to use and remove.
  • It has a magnetic charging mechanism.
  • It has an Ultra bass speaker.
  • It gives you high-quality, dynamic sound.
  • It is a wireless Bluetooth earbud.
  • It has a built-in microphone; 
  • it’s perfect for parents and kids.
  • It has a one-button touch control.
  • It is specifically made for Android phones.


  • It has a limited battery.
  • It has low quality as compared to the wired one.
  • It has performance issues.
  • It may not work with old phones.
  • It is costly than regular earphones.
  • It is easily lost.
  • It has some connectivity problems.

Airstream Pro Earbuds Reviews:

As we search through the internet, we found several reviews about this product. We found such reviews on e-commerce sites, online forums, others blogs, and youtube. Even on youtube, people are promoting these earbuds.

However, the response we found was not so tremendous. But it may prove to us that this product is not fake. And even though people are using it.

Look, after you go through specifications, pros, cons, and Airstream Pro Earbuds Reviews… we are sure you know what this product is up to.

Final Conclusion:

Although this product has all the features that make it stand out, but it has not enough credibility in the marketplace that make us believe, it is a good quality earbuds.

And if you still decided to buy these earbuds, then buy its own risk. Because there is no track record that says its customers are satisfied with this product.

And, in the end, we want to know what you think about Airstream Pro Earbuds Reviews. So, please comment below!

5 thoughts on “Airstream Pro Earbuds Reviews (March 2021) Are You Buying It?

  1. Had my Airstream Pro headphones for 3 weeks. Great bass, great sound, quickly connects, and only costed $15. The only negative I would mention is that it dies at about 4 hours of continuous use.

    1. You have headphones or the earbuds? I’m looking for a users manual for the EarPods. It was missing out of my box. If you have one, would you send me a copy? Thank you.

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