How to Get Customers to Sign Up For a Car Wash Membership

How to Get Customers to Sign Up For a Car Wash Membership

In about every industry, businesses are selling subscriptions to their customers. For example, various streaming sites require customers to pay a monthly fee to access special features. Now the auto industry is starting to offer monthly subscriptions.

Many car washes offer subscribers unlimited opportunities to clean their vehicles. It’s appealing, but some customers still prefer to pay a certain amount to wash their car that one time.

It’s the same with streaming services; some people prefer to watch free shows to avoid paying extra. With people like this, getting your customers to sign up for a car wash membership can become complicated.

But, there are some tricks you can do to promote the membership to your customers. You can use some of these methods below to entice customers to join your car membership.

Let Your Customers Know You Have Car Wash Insurance

You should consider getting your business car wash insurance if you haven’t already. Anything can happen within the auto industry, including the car wash business. For example, a customer’s vehicle can get scratched by equipment, or the water’s current can be so strong and knock their side mirror off.

Customers can feel safe about bringing their vehicles to your car wash when they know you have insurance. It’s a relief to them to know they don’t have to cover the cost of accidents. 

Also, the insurance will protect you in the long run. Your equipment is expensive, and if a customer hits it, you won’t have to come out of pocket for the repair cost.

Offer Flexible Options for Your Car Membership Plans

When creating your car membership program, you should consider at least three different options for the plans. For example, many businesses offer a $20, $40, and $60 monthly plan, and each has various benefits based on the plan.

You can also update your plans and let current customers know about them. For example, if you notice those on the $60 plan option are opting out more, consider lowering the price for a few months and adding in an extra feature. 

This will keep current and attract new customers to the membership program. But, remember to let them know it’s only for a limited time and the price will change after several months.

Have an Unlimited Car Wash Plan

Unlimited is a powerful word to attract customers to make purchases. Every industry does this, and it’s no different in the auto industry. Think of the word “unlimited” as the same as the word “free.”

It’s no secret that the word “free” attracts customers to take action. For example, blog owners often offer a freebie to get people to subscribe to their email list.

As a car wash owner, you can take advantage of both these power words to attract customers. First, a plan allows customers to receive unlimited washes for a month. 

To attract them to sign up for the membership, offer the first month free of cost. After that, people will feel like it’s worth the try, and after the first month, they won’t mind paying the monthly fee.

Consider Having a Family Plan Option for Your Membership

Another popular plan to include for your car membership is a family option. As many people may have a spouse and children with cars, they’re more willing to pay for a membership that allows their whole family to be a part of the plan.

The family plan can include a certain amount of cars to be a part of the plan. For example, you may decide to allow up to three cars to be a part of the family plan. You can also offer them a discount if they sign up for all of their cars simultaneously.

Keep Your Car Wash Open Later and on Sundays

People often prefer to wash their cars early in the morning, which is impossible for everyone. However, some people have to go to work early and can only find time to do it in the evening.

Also, some people like to wash their cars in the middle of the night because they can’t sleep. So, for people like these, consider keeping your car wash open later in the day.

Since Sunday’s many car washes are often closed, you can stand out among your competitors and have yours open on this day. This can attract customers who can only find the time to wash their cars on Sundays. You’ll be surprised how many new customers you’ll get by staying open on this day.

Follow‌ ‌These‌ ‌Tips to Encourage Your Customers to Join Your Car Wash

Customers are more likely to sign up for a car wash membership if they know its benefits. You can inform your customers about the many benefits of signing up for a car wash membership by providing them with an easy-to-read list. 

Additionally, you can remind them that your business has insurance services that offer protection in case something happens. By doing this, you can increase customers’ likelihood of signing up for a car wash membership and take advantage of all the great benefits.

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