Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews (Aug) Read Facts!

Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews 2020

Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews (Aug) Read Facts! >> The article consists of the information related to the car wash and his impolite owner.

Running a business and having a business are two different things; the way you treat customers and provide services makes you a business person and helps sustain in the market. For example, we will go to discuss Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviewsand about its feedbacks by the consumers.

Car washing is an everyday business in the United States; many car wash owners make good money from this business. But there are few car wash owners whose behaviour is on hot topics among the customers. We are talking about the owner of the Viking Car Wash – Adam Huerta who is known for its rude and awkward manners with the customers.

About the Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona

Adan Huerta, the Viking car wash owner’s father, started this business in 1989 since, from childhood, Adam got a keen interest in car washing. Later, when he grew up takeover his father’s business and started running a shop from a very young age. The shop is in 1120 S 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701, Barrio Santa Rosa, United States.

As per our analysis, we found few articles where all Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews found the contrary. We search the reason and saw the comments; almost all the comments are filled with complaints of rude behaviour by the Adam Huerta, who is the owner of Viking Car Wash.

Let us understand the customer feedback to know more on Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews.

Customer Reviews

Any business consumer must be satisfied because they are the ones by which any business will run. Offering quality service and products must be the highest priority for any business person. As in the matter of Viking Car Wash reviews by the customers, they reacted negatively.

According to the visitors who visited Viking Car Wash in Tucson, the owner does not have any basic communication skills on how to treat a customer. He is rude, and his behaviour is abusive towards customers, and to his employees, he doesn’t think twice before insulting anyone, and such a person should be avoided.

The Viral Video

A video went viral and posted by several people where Adam Huerta, the owner of the Viking car wash, abused the waiter in a hotel in front of his family. Someone recorded the whole video; however, the waitress didn’t lose her temper and responded very calmly and politely. This incident shows how he is treating his customers and his employees. It also shows that the reviews by the customers may be right.


As per our study, we have gone through every aspect and Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviewsand concluded that the owner is not a professional person to run the business. No one abuses their customers the way Adam did. If you have ever faced such a scenario during your visit to this car wash, let us know your thoughts with us.

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