Remishoes Review 2020 – Really Work or Just Hype?

Remishoes Review 2020 Smooth

Remishoes Review 2020 – Really Work or Just Hype? >> The article talks about the online shoe shopping website Remishoes. It will discuss in detail whether the website is legit or scamming people.

Shoes have been around for nearly 5000 years and even more! They started as a cover that protected the feet from the rough terrain, bad or unbearable climatic conditions, etc. 

Today they are used to improve performance in tactical sports such as cricket, tennis, and running, etc. But more often, they are used as accessories and fashion statements that complete your ensemble! There are shoes in every color and style that is sure to appease you! 

New brands pop up to meet the raging demand in the market. One such fresh off the boat brand is Remishoes, a brand that has been tasting success in the United States, Australia, etc.

But is Remishoes Legit? Let’s find out if this brand is worth your money in the Remi Shoes Review below. 

What is Remishoes? 

Remishoes, like other shopping websites, offers you the comfort of purchasing shoes and clothes out of the confines of your home. The site is inviting and somewhat easy to find your way around. Catering to only women, it has some of the most beautiful and trendy shoes that range from flats to heels and even sneakers. The prices are all slashed, making it super affordable as compared to your usual go-to brands. 

The website makes it easy for you to find the best pair by highlighting weekly best sellers, new arrivals along with trending now. This information could help you, or it may be a scheme to entice unknowing customers. Remishoes also sell sweaters, a somewhat tricky sell I must add as first of all- the brand’s name suggests otherwise and second- it is no more sweater weather

Buying anything at all online is a gamble. We do not know if we will get the same product we see as in the images! Moreover, Remishoes does not offer precise details, such as the customer care number is missing. Instead, in its place is a bogus email id. For all we know, there could be multiple middlemen, this makes the returns process rather difficult. So, is Remishoes scamming us, or is Remishoes Legit? 

Who is Remishoes perfect for?

The website offers shoes at an eye-popping price! Its contemporaries, such as and Zulily, cannot compete with it! Remishoes is perfect for all those fashionista’s that do not mind splurging on their shoes regularly. And the brand name or the quality of the product not of top priority. It is especially perfect for college/university girls living on a tight budget. Remishoes will bring your dream to be dressed your fashionably best on a budget true. 

Who doesn’t love shoes? You could also use Remishoes to surprise your mother/sister/friend, a trendy and beautiful birthday/anniversary present!

Remi shoe Review

Shoes majorly protect your feet from coming in direct contact with unknown things littered around on the path you walk on. The majority of these fast fashion brands use materials that rarely last for more than one season. Remishoes provides no precise details of the products displayed on its website. They could all be shoddy and a total waste of your money for all we know. 

The reviews by customers date back to March 7, 2020! Sounds suspicious, doesn’t it? 

  • Devon & Denise C writes an in-depth serenade of a heel purchase. She talks about being pleased with the heels she purchased from the website. She perks up when describing them! Calls them comfortable as the lining of them as they come fitted with cushiony padding. Also, her feet being sans markings after wearing them for long hours. 
  • Another user describes her purchase for her daughter to be super bright and comfortable! She continues to write that her daughter loved them.

It is essential to notice that you will always spot a baby pink banner on the top that states

“Buy 1 get 2nd 30% off. Code SW30* Buy 2 get 3rd 55% off. Code SW55* Buy 4 get 5th 100% off. Code: SW100SHOP NOW”  

This banner is always up on the website, and the prices of the products, too, are always shown slashed. To show you that you are getting the products for cheaper and are a total steal! Thus, attracting unowning customers like bees to honey. 

Where can I get this product? 

Since Remishoes is an online shopping website, the shoes, too, can only be purchased online. They are currently shipping to the following countries- the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

The website for Remishoes was created recently! An online survey will tell you that any website that is trying to scam you will have a recent creation date address. 

Final verdict- 

Online shopping is a lifesaver. As a person who prefers to get everything done online, so things get delivered right at the doorstep, I have tried and tested out multiple shopping sites. 

Shopping online is not for the faint-hearted and remains a very touchy subject for a lot of people. Why? Simply because a variety of these sites maintain a farce front to make money off you. Some can even save all your net banking and credit card details; this helps them to gain access to your banks to get money quickly! 

In such cases, a thorough background check of a new website, whose name you have never heard of, is mandatory. Remishoes is your one-stop-shop for the most beautiful and trendy shoes in the market. It has some of the best knocks off major high-end brands that I have seen. The slashed prices and buy one and get a discount of 30% off is very, very appealing to a person who has a budget allocated to clothes, food and other necessary things. 

To be honest other fast fashion websites such as wish, shein, and Romwe too do not have a proper customer care number provided just like Remishoes. They do get the job done and provide customers with their packages. 

You may face a bad experience or may end up getting a product you love. It is a two-way street. 

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  1. Like what I see but it takes months to receive orders placed. The company may need to revisit their shipping method. Corresponding to customers regarding delayed orders will help as well!

    1. Beware is a CHEAP shoe retail from China they don’t offer refunds and it will take several months to get the cheap pair of shoes. As well if you order more then one you might get one quick but the others may take months or not even at all arrive, if THIS happens they want you to ship the pair you did receive back to China for a full refund that takes even longer! BUY smart NOT cheap! ????

  2. This company is not legit at all – it is a scam. You place an order and never receive your shoes. And every time you try and contact them for a refund they give you the run around. Finally had to dispute it with my credit card company.

  3. REMISHOES IS A SCAM!!!!! I have been waiting three months for my order and when I have contacted them they just give you the runaround! DO NOT PURCHASE SHOES FROM THIS SITE.

  4. Yes all I’m getting is an “ In Transit for Delivery” from a so called UPS site. Calling my bank.?I hit them up on Instagram and commented several times about them being a scam so they sent this Fake email and Blocked me on Instagram. Like I said, “DONT BITE” Scandolous


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