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Myshoestyle Com Reviews [2020] Worth or Waste of Money?

Myshoestyle Com Reviews 2020

Myshoestyle Com Reviews [2020] Worth or Waste of Money? -> It promises to provide all kinds of footwear for both men and women. But, Is Myshoestyle Legit? We have brought Myshoestyle Com Reviews which will help you to find out the answer of this question.

Myshoestyle site is an online store that is selling various kinds of lady’s shoes,and designer wear. This elegant shopping site some crucial warnings found on it, which we can’t disregard. 

Myshoestyle is quite in demand in countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

There are just a couple of Myshoestyle Com Reviews over the internet; therefore, we’ve chosen to assist the online customers by giving lucidity about this shopping store.

What is Myshoestyle?

As it’s name sounds, Myshoestyle offers stylish shoe collection to its customers. From shoes to clothes, accessories and bags, this store provides every single product under one umbrella.

Both men and women can order the product of their choice while sitting at home. The price range is excellent and affordable.

Despite many good factors, the question arises –Is Myshoestyle Legit? To clear such kind of doubts, let’s move further with the My Shoe Style Reviews.

Why Should You Go With Myshoestyle?

  • Myshoestyle provides so many stylish footwear designs at affordable prices.
  • Except for shoes only, women can shop for other products like bags, accessories, etc.
  • While other shopping dealing in footwear only provides shoes related products but here with Myshoestyle, women can take the benefit of extensive variety options.
  • You can choose the different sizes available on the site. You can pick as per your needs and choices.
  • No shipping charges if you place the orders more than the amount of $69.99. Therefore, you can save you extra money when you place the order of that particular amount.
  • This company claims a safe payment policy. The security measure you can check on the website by yourself
  • You can return defective items within the time frame of 30 days.

Negative Traits of Myshoestyle

As per Myshoestyle Com Reviews, we found the following problems of buying a product from this site.

  • The delivery of the product may take three weeks as they have mentioned. It might be late for clients.
  • You can buy only via doing an online payment method. No cash or other modes are available.
  • This site is full of funky shoe designs that customers usually dislike.
  • There are only a few options available for men.
  • They claim to deliver worldwide.
  • This site has no information about the company or owner.

Company Profile

We didn’t find any information about the company in its ‘ABOUT US’ section to find out- Is Myshoestyle Scam? Information about the owner is also not mentioned in it. When you are aware of the owner, then you can call or talk or chat with that person regarding your problems.

Myshoestyle only provides their email ID through which they’re claiming to resolve the customer’s issues and giving them their best replies.

Price Factor 

Myshoestyle is dealing with the best quality footwear products at affordable prices as they claim. As we examine, they have listed the funky shoes at low prices. If you, too, like to give yourself a fashionable look without spending huge money then this website may prove best for you.

Discount Offers

They are not offering any specific discounts on their products. The website only shows promotional discounts. When you check the items listed on this site, you will get the discounted items. After increasing the volume of the product, you will get more offers.

The only offer you can enjoy there is no free shipping charging that too are available on the orders over $69.99. 

Myshoestyle’s Shipping Policy

Myshoestyle claims to deliver your product within three to seven days, but it may take up to two weeks in case of a high volume of orders.

They assure international standard shipping within two to six weeks. 

Myshoestyle Return & Exchange Policy

If you found any defective items, you can return or can exchange products back to the company. The exchange or return can be done based on quality, size, or color only. Within 15 days of getting an order, you can return or exchange that damaged product.

In this context, you need to bear the shipping cost of the returned product.

Essential Points You Must Keep In Mind (Return & Exchange)

  • You can’t cancel the order that has already been packed for shipping.
  • Products mentioned in the clearance sale can’t be exchanged or returned.
  • The company will not accept the product if that gets damaged after using it.
  • The client has to bear conditions like loss of the product, any damage caused in the transportation, shipping of the product restricted due to high tariff, no delivery due to wrong address, or any other uncontrollable issues.

Final Judgement

Many online shopping stores are trending in the market.  They have put the one single question in their mind whether they should buy from it or not? Are these products reliable to buy?

To make a wise decision, first, check the company information deeply. So, that you could figure out which company you have chosen to do for shopping? As we already discussed, information about the company’s owner is as important as the company profile. The owner is the foundation of any company. In case of any doubts, atleast, you can take help from him/her.

There is no security measures available on this site to prevent it from hacking or maintaing customer’s integrity.

If the price is essential than quality as we already mentioned above, then Myshoestyle may help you to satisfy your shopping needs.

If the time factor doesn’t bother you or you can wait long for two-three weeks, then you should go for this site.

Myshoestyle promises to give you the best products in the form of boots, sneakers, sandals which you can use in everyday life.

Considering My Shoe Style Reviews, you can go to this shopping store but do not get fooled with the scam.

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  1. All indications point to California but I’m suspicious and based on emails from this sites customer service, I suspect they are in some part of China or that their call center for responses is of a foreign content. The responses are not in proper English writing. I have placed an order and am awaiting delivery….will return to this page once I receive my order and let you know if I’m pleased or not!

  2. I am still waiting for mine as well. Over 2 weeks now. Haven’t even gotten a shipping notification

  3. I ordered first week of March, pd for the sandals And Still NO shoes ?? I think I have lost my money, I have emailed numerous times and they say sorry for the wait, your order will be shipped soon. I have ask for my money to be returned ! But no mention of that. Dont think I will Ever order from them again!!!

  4. 100% Scam. I had to file a dispute and am waiting to get my money back. The website is now “under maintenance”, too!

  5. Ordered shoes back in the first part of March. Now almost to the end of April and no shoes. The website is down…I think it’s a scam now. Getting ready to file dispute claim for whatever good it will do. I’m probably just out the money…lesson learned

    1. What a Scam. I ordered a pair of shoes 2 months ago. Haven’t received them. I can’t get anyone to answer an email

  6. I also ordered from this company 2 montes ago and still no shoes. They said they had shipped and would get them soon. Then they said that they transfered the package to fedex for shipping and that was a month ago and i still have not received anything and no updated shipping number or anything.

  7. Scam!!!!! I ordered two pairs of shoes in February!!!! 70.00!!! No shoes yet and they keep giving me bogus tracking numbers!!!! Told them I want a refund, they give me another tracking number!!!! Wtf????!!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!!!!

  8. I ordered early March. Never received sandals. Put in a dispute at my credit card and suddenly received a message that they were shipped. Yet still no sandals! And no way to get in touch since website is completely gone and no response to emails. Frustrating!

  9. I ordered the first of March and still no shoes! Emailed them and get no response, this needs to be turned into better business bureau! Dont waste your time and money, they can’t seem to answer any questions straight forward and I’m sure I just lost my money! This is not the place to shop! Rant over!

  10. I ordered shoes in March…still nothing. They respond to inquiries but every time it’s, we appreciate your patience. Overseas shipping takes longer. This is a scam. Don’t order from them!!!

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