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Pinkzoza Reviews – Is It A Legit Online Shopping Store?

Pinkzoza Reviews 2020

Pinkzoza Reviews – Is It A Legit Online Shopping Store? -> Check this article to read reviews of a female-oriented online shopping store.

Are you thinking to order something from an online shopping store Then, you must want to know the Pinkzoza Reviews first. Therefore, we have put our best efforts to clear your all doubts related to the Pinkzoza shopping store.

The present time’s fashion is quite different. The lifestyle of the people is highly demanding. Wearing clothes is not limited to one particular dressing style. They want to look classy even in their office. Many online shopping stores are running their business at a good pace. People want to know which website is good or not. 

With unique designer clothes and footwear collection, Pinkzoza is quite trending in the United States and Canada.

But, Is it fine to spend money on this website? How about the quality of the material?

So many questions appear in our minds. To clear these questions, Let’s go with the reviews below:

What is Pinkzoza?

Pinkzoza is a women-oriented shopping website that offers fashionable clothes such as top, dress, swimwear, etc. They provide exciting discount offers with 30 days of the return policy. It can be called a one-stop solution for ladies.

Here the question arises-Is Pinkzoza Legit? Because they sell their clothes and dresses at meagre rates. Let’s move further to get a more precise idea!

Who can Order From Pinkzoza?

Pinkzoza store brings the latest trendy designer clothes for women of the age group of 18- 55 years. It’s an overall mission to become the one-stop solution in terms of fashion wear. 

They have all kind of clothes includes bikinis, one-pieces, tops, dresses and many more. The products are trendy and best of quality as identified by B2C e-commerce firm. 

What are the Benefits of Doing Shopping From Pinkzoza?

Pinkzoza Reviews has noted the following points in the benefit bucket to serve you better:

  • It is a one-stop store for female wears. From bikini to designer tops, they provide every type of clothes that woman need to look classy.
  • Every type of length and sizes are available.
  • Pinkzoza has everything for every female. Women of the age group of 18-55 can shop from this website.
  • Except for clothing, they also deal in ladies footwear.
  • Products are available at affordable rates.
  • By ordering from this site, you will have discounted items.
  • They have a benefit of free shipping if a customer can place orders above $69.
  • If you are a credit card user/debit card or PayPal holder, then shopping from this will be the best choice for you.

How to Order From Pinkzoza?

You can place an order, like any other shopping website. Read the below steps:

  • Select the category as per your choice or need, for example, select ‘COVER-UP’.
  • The ‘COVER-UP’ collection page will open on your desktop.
  • Choose the best ‘COVER-UP’ collection you wish to proceed with.
  • Add it in a cart. On the right above corner, you will see the cart status is updated with 0 to 1 (If you chose only 1 item).
  • Click on the ‘Check Out’ button to proceed further for payment.
  • Fill every column of the form such as an address, email or contact details. 
  • Proceed with payment option. Enter the card detail of your credit/debit card. Otherwise, go with PayPal.
  • Once the payment is made, you will get an invoice order on email and a text message on your phone. It is a confirmation message of your placed order.
  • Now, you need to wait for few days to get an order shipped as per the company’s shipping policy.

What Are People Saying About it?

While researching to write Pinkzoza Reviews, we have come across with some reviews about Pinkzoza. To conclude, 70% of the customers are happy with the services of this website. People appreciate its cloth material and price range. 

Although this shopping site is working well, some are not satisfied with the product quality and shipping policy.

Despite, the volume of customers are quite good. We can’t judge it from people’s opinion as everyone has a different idea and choices. Therefore, we can say that this online shopping mall can be useful for those who are seeking a trendy style at cheaper rates.

Where is this site lacking?

To get an idea to know is Pinkzoza Scam? We have found the following negative traits that might be the best findings to get an answer:

  • There is no contact information available on the company’s contact page. They only mention one email ID. Therefore, it a significant matter of concern. Whom to contact in case of sudden emergency?
  • Information about the company is not mentioned in the ABOUT US section. 
  • Owner detail is also not mentioned there.
  • Cash on delivery mode is not available. So, it’s quite tricky for those who prefer cash dealings.
  • Prices are too low. Somewhere, it is quite suspicious.


As per the latest designs, elegant website look and remarkable discounts, this website have all that it needs to be popular among users. But, they only deal with payments cards and PayPal, which is quite tricky for people who deal in cash. You will not find this brand on social media. It is not a good symbol in this digital world.

Lack of company information and user profile also makes it suspicious. No proper contact information can be a significant hindrance for customers. Positively, it has a wide range of collection for females at very reasonable rates.

To conclude Pinkzoza Reviews, It has prons and cons. On one side, it seems suspicious due to lack of information, negative remarks or absence from social media. But, on the other hand, it has a wide range of collection for females at reasonable rates.

Lastly, neither we are in favour or not we are offending. It all depends on you to make a wise decision. Remember, every side has two different stories.

Don’t forget to share your experience of shopping with us in our comment section!


  1. It appears to be a scam site. You order, they charge you immediately (which in the US is fraudulent with certain credit cards before merchandise ships) and then say the order is processing. 2 weeks later and my order is still processing for pre-made swimwear. I emailed them and received the same canned response each time. I wrote back saying cancel my order and disputed the charge with my card issuer.

  2. It looks like I am having the same issue. I ordered 2 weeks ago. They immediately charged me. Didn’t hear from them for 2 weeks. I emailed the service email and they said they were sold out. Currently asking for a refund and will dispute the charge with my carrier.

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