Perch Credit Reviews (Feb) Build Your Credit Score

Perch Credit Reviews 2021

Perch Credit Reviews (Feb) Build Your Credit Score -> Do you want to build your credit score? Here’s a post informing you about a company that allows users to do just that.

Do you want to improve your credit score? Today’s Perch Credit Reviews post lists informative details about a company that gives individuals with a bad score an opportunity to jumpstart their credit. 

In the United States and many other countries, the credit score of a person plays a crucial role. This score is taken into consideration while giving loans, renting apartments, etc. As one can imagine, bad credit makes a person appear to be a riskier borrower and therefore hamper his or her chances of getting loans. 

Continue reading this article to gain a better understanding of what this company does. 

What is Perch Credit?

Before we start getting into Perch Credit reviews, let’s get a brief idea about the company. It is a credit-building company located in the Greater Los Angeles Area in the United States

The firm’s aim is to simplify credit building for everyone. It was founded by Michael Broughton and Ayush Jain. Some of the most prominent organizations, such as Citi, Marcy Venture Partners, SoftBank, etc., have invested in the company. 

Recently, the award-winning musician Jay-Z invested in the company’s app. The company offers automated credit building and enables users to build their credit with the help of recurring payments.  

We dive deeper into this company’s details in this Perch Credit Reviews post. So, continue reading. 

Important things to know about Perch Credit:

  • The firm is in collaboration with various companies like Moneythink, Zogo, Spark, Smash, FinMango. 
  • The organization’s goal is to build an inclusive financial system.
  • The company provides the credit report for the last 24 months. 
  • The company allows users to boost their credit with subscriptions to popular and widely-used streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and Apple Music.
  • Many well-trusted companies like Forbes, HuffPost, Business Insider have reported about the company. 
  • The company makes use of 256-bit encryption to ensure all user data is safe and secure. 

What type of Perch Credit Reviews are available on the internet? 

We came across countless reviews shared by the users. Customers shared their personal experience with the app and commended the company’s efforts in building credit. 

In a few reviews, customers share their positive experience with the team of customer support. Many others call the app terrific as it is easy to navigate. However, there were a couple of bad reviews with people sharing their disappointment with the company. 

By observing all the reviews, it is clear that the maximum customers have had a good experience with the company and its app. 

Concluding remarks

The Perch Credit Reviews post lets you gain proper knowledge about the company that allows customers to say goodbye to bad credit score. With good credit, people can qualify for loans and credits. 

Are you worried about your credit score? Let us know your answer. Also, share your views on today’s article by posting a comment. 

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