Why Does a Platform Need to Be Customizable? (Feb) See

Why Does a Platform Need to Be Customizable 2021

Why Does a Platform Need to Be Customizable? (Feb) See -> Are you a business school student? We have an elaborated answer for the top-asked question. Please read our article to know about it.

Have you been to a business school? What do you aspire to be in the future? Many students go to business school to learn about business ethics, corporate laws, policies, and other aspects. We understand that some questions from your business college or school assignments are challenging to answer. One such question is “Why Does a Platform Need to Be Customizable?”. You can read the answer in the below sections!

According to the reports, you can find numerous business schools or colleges in the PhilippinesIndia, and the United States. They have world-famous faculty to teach business and its allied subjects to the students. Are you interested in getting enrolled in any business school? You can share the answers in the comments. As of now, let’s dive into the essence of the posed question!

Why Does a Platform Need to Be Customizable?

While researching the question, we find that it is given to students in assignments. As business schools’ or colleges’ teachers have already discussed the topic in the class, they face problems in answering the question. Therefore, we have collected all details concerning the topic and question’s answer.

On Brainly(dot)in, Dominicawithlove has answered that a platform needs customization to:

  • Tailor the functionalities as per business requirements and budget.
  • Fulfill the visual needs of the users.
  • Stay ahead with the latest trends.
  • Tailor the feel and look according to the business needs. 

What’s More?

We have performed comprehensive research on Why Does a Platform Need to Be Customizable?” to give you an elaborated answer. According to Chuck Cohn, the founder, and CEO of Varsity Tutors, you can go for custom-built software or pre-existing software to provide your users and employees with a tech platform. He also states that platform customization is needed for a business to stay tuned to the latest market trends. 

What do we think?

While getting the answer from reputed websites and experts, we now understand the importance of platform customization for any business. If you have started a company or have one, you can personalize your tech-platform for employees’ and users’ comfort. We gathered the below points on the “Why Does a Platform Need to Be Customizable?” question. They are:

  • Improved bounce and conversion rate.
  • Handle unique processes.
  • Integrates with your business systems or LOB.
  • SEO is designed for your business.
  • Customized checkout process.
  • Better after-sales and customer service.

Our Final Thoughts:

Business schools or colleges are the world’s future. These educate young students on business ethics, policies, and practices to bring positive change to the market. However, the question was posed by a student on Brainly(dot)in the platform. It was a part of a business assignment that some students find it challenging to answer. Now that you know “Why Does a Platform Need to Be Customizable? can you draft a better and elaborated answer? Please share your views with us!

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