Ninja Loses Followers (Feb) Get The Information Here!

Ninja Loses Followers 2021

Ninja Loses Followers (Feb) Get The Information Here! -> The Internet can make you famous overnight. However, you can see the disappointment of your subscribers for many reasons. Please peruse the post to know more!

Do you also explore the profile of popular influencers or gamers on the Internet? Is online fame good for your personality or career? Do you not want to become a sensational celebrity on social media platforms? Before becoming a famous personality, you must read the story about “Ninja Loses Followers.” It will give you a glimpse of the Internet’s positive and negative sides. 

Ninja is a famous streamer on different platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, etc. Most United States’ famous personalities create a unique name for branding purposes. It is the sole reason that we remember them for a long time. You can read our post and understand how Ninja lose his followers overnight!

How Ninja lost his Followers?

Twitch now has a competitor named MIXER that is asking famous streamers to switch their platforms as per the latest news articles. Many people like CouRage, Shroud, etc., have already switched to MIXER from Twitch. It has decreased the viewership and followers on the Twitch platform.

However, there are many reasons as to why “Ninja Loses Followers.” Ninja has become famous because of an old controversy. While live-streaming gameplay, one of the followers donated Ninja twenty dollars and asked him to promote music. Ninja denied his request regardless of it being cost-effective and suitable at that time. 

What’s More?

Ninja later said that the follower’s behavior was disrespectful and inappropriate for asking him to promote music in a live-stream. After that live-stream, many Ninja followers were disappointed with his conduct and allegation. They thought that Ninja is an arrogant streamer who does not pay attention or care for his followers. 

It is when we observed a sharp slope on “Ninja Loses Followers” analytics. Other than this controversy or incident, Ninja switched to MIXER. It leads more people to unfollow him on Twitch and Mixer. 

Was Ninja’s decision correct?

According to our understanding, followers make any online personality famous overnight. They adore the creative work and follow/subscribe to look forward to unmatched creativity. If one follower asked to promote his music while everybody enjoyed live-streaming, Ninja should have paid a little attention. A two-minute dedication to followers would not have taken a fortune. 

After going through “Ninja Loses Followers” headline turmoil, Ninja could have waited a little longer to cool down the previous allegations of controversies. A little delay in switching the Platform (Twitch to Mixer) would have retained his subscribers/followers.  

Ninja has seen his followers going 26000 in numbers from 290000! It is a shocking case of a celebrity going down in a short period. 

Our Final Thoughts:

We always suggest you must wisely use the Internet as it has both negative and positive sides. The details listed in the above sections are merely examples! What do you think about “Ninja Loses Followers”? kindly share your views in the comments!

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