Online Websites Reviews Reviews [August] Is It A Scam Or Legit? Reviews 2020 Smooth Reviews [August] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> This article is all about the website from where the users can buy and sell used panties, and we will find out its authenticity. Reviews: Do you want to buy or sell a broad range of used panties over the web? Then, we are here with the website where you have a pool of opportunities to kickstart your business. People are at staying at home nowadays amid Covid-19, and they can take this website as a golden chance. 

The favourite part of this site is that it is available across the globe, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and so on. Online shopping websites are trending and the one that gives you a chance to earn some pennies by doing work from home. 

Do you have any concerns with the reviews on Pantydeal? Then, we have to look at the aspects of this site to find out how it exactly is.

An Intro of

Simply put, it is an online community for all people to make fun with the sexual fantasies and includes the buying as well as selling of used panties. The user needs to create an account and proceed further either as a buyer or as a seller.

The users are allowed to delete and cancel their account anytime as they feel it a profitable deal. There is no pressure to continue services. The transactions involved with the users only, and there is no need to pay any commission on any selling or buying of used panties.   

Let us have a look at the Reviews

What are the details relating to the

  • The URL of this site is
  • It has various social media accounts such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 
  • Login and sign up services are available on the website for all buyers and sellers. 
  • A wide range of used panties are available on the site to fulfil all demands of the buyers.
  • The site has HTTPS protocol as well as SSL Integration to safeguard the privacy of the buyers and sellers.   
  • It has a separate section for Pantydeal Magazine where they update blogs from time to time.
  • There is a membership fee if you want to use the Pantydeal account.
  • The site allows the user to post, link, share and provide any specific content such as text graphics, texts, videos, and so on. 
  • The website contains adult content, and thus, it is prohibited to access by the younger people less than 18-years of age.    

What are the positive points of

  • The site provides a business opportunity for women for selling their product and earns a few bucks. 
  • Earn without putting many efforts. 
  • Easy to do product promotions through social media handles.
  • The site is secured with the help of the HTTPS protocol. 
  • It has a free sign up available for all people. 
  • You can access thousands of sellers and buyers from across the globe.
  • The rating system is available on the website to rate the services of each seller and mark them as a favourite.  

What are the negative aspects of

  • The site has no contact details available. 
  • The reviews are not in favour. 

What customers opine about

We have found a lot of Reviews about the site and get to know that people are not at all satisfied with the services. The buyers reviewed that they didn’t receive the product after making payment and even did not get the refund on any product. 

Further, people are also complaining about the membership fees as the site continue to deduct money from the credit card even though they cancelled the payment. So, the reviews are only positive on the site that may be a fake. 

Final Words

After getting into the review through Reviews, we get to know all about aspects of this site, and it has a broad range of panties available to sell and buy by the women who are interested in used panties. The site is running from the last eight years as we can’t call it a scam. 

But the reviews and ratings about the site and dealing with the sellers are quite offensive. People are not happy with the services. 

So, we would recommend to analyse and explore the site well as it is all about hard-earned money. Thus, the site is not a scam but needs an in-depth exploration.   

Kindly mention all your doubts and queries below in the comment section so as we can clear all in no time. We are happy to assist you.

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