Basic Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Basic Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

D2 is one of the most unique games in the MMO RPG genre, as it uses the mechanics of not only classic character development, but also a shooter.

The concept of shooting and space exploration will be available to you, but with classic leveling up on monsters and with the help of quests.

Main plot

You will become a participant in events in which alien invaders attack the earth and all the heroes must unite to repel the attack and go on the offensive to expel them from their territory.

Three heroes will be available to you, each of which has its own role and status in the Destiny 2 universe. If you have previously played D2, but have not visited the servers for the last half a year, then you most likely missed the new Lightfall update and in order to try it out faster, you can order Destiny 2 boost, bypassing all the content from the old add-ons and the main part.


This is a defensive class that can be used by small arms.

According to game history, the titans are knights and guardians of the main city, which they themselves rebuilt and vowed to protect at all costs; it is because of their dedication that enemies will never cross its threshold.

Such a hero is suitable for true supports who like to feel their power, protection and a large amount of health in battle, which allows them to cover their allies and make more mistakes without fatal damage.

The main skills will be a shield, which will block most of the incoming damage, but keep in mind that you are not defending yourself from other directions – from the flanks and from the back, as well as grenades that will fly over the defensive line.

If you wish, you can always use your steel fists to cause melee damage and knock down enemies.


A magical class in the world of shooter MMO RPGs, which can develop both in the direction of massive attacks and strengthening of small arms, and in fully strengthening and restoring the health of other players. By far the best hero for d2 power leveling.

According to the game plot, warlocks are travelers who are in constant search of knowledge to fight the darkness.

It was in the fight against alien invasions that the warlocks arrived, with their magical skills of all types.

If you choose the offensive class path, you will have access to mass skills that are useful in AoE attacks and, with proper cover, can provide good damage in PVE, especially if you supplement this damage with void power.


This is a ranged attacking character with the ability to switch to melee weapons if necessary.

Unlike the other two classes, the Hunter is a full-fledged damage dealer who deals damage from a long distance and penetrates the armor of even the toughest enemies.

Melee mechanics attract people who want to play this hero just as much as ranged attacks.

At the moment, the hunter is the most popular hero in the entire Destiny 2 series.

Leveling up

Destiny 2 has several variations on leveling up:

  • Quests
  • Contracts
  • Grind
  • Strikes and raids
  • Destiny 2 boosting


D2, like many MMO RPGs, regardless of the additional genre, is built on a system of quests that will begin from the moment of training and continue throughout all updates, including the relatively new Lightfall.

The tasks will help players better understand their heroes, learn the main perks and mechanics, understand the system of cartridges with different attributes and, most importantly, the accelerated format of destiny 2 boost.

First of all, they are effective due to the stable increase in experience, regardless of the rate of killing monsters to complete them, but since all three heroes have good damage and the ability to strengthen them with cartridges with the lightning, void and sun attribute, it will not be difficult for even a titan to complete the tasks, neither a hunter nor a warlock.

Usually these are tasks of moving around locations, destroying certain monsters, transmitting parcels and instructions, and at the same time telling the main story of Destiny 2 and the gradual preponderance of forces and the destruction of the alien invasion.


Contracts are another format with destiny boosting.

This is a format of optional, but desirable actions for which you can gain additional experience.

It is important to take into account that each contract has its own time limit for completion, and it is extremely important to make it before the contract recharge time, otherwise you will not receive a reward, and the orders will be updated.

You need to use special ammo, kill certain monsters, shoot in the head, and so on.

Each result is counted in real time, and you just need to systematically close contracts.

If you wish, you can update the contract ahead of time and complete it again before the main cooldown and gain experience again. Upgrading costs Glimmers, the local currency of Destiny 2.


Grind means hunting in locations instead of the traditional quest system, or simply switches from it.

For example, when you complete a quest, you can not leave the location, but stay there and farm experience until you reduce the difference between the character and the surrounding monsters.

Strikes and raids

This is a dungeon format in which players must join forces and have the opportunity to obtain rare items and weapons.

Bosses are distinguished by increased health, enhanced attack and periodic use of skills that can destroy the entire group and end the raid in failure.

The difference between a strike and a raid is the difficulty level, the final rewards, and the number of players needed to enter the dungeons.

Mythic raids are considered the most difficult and rewarding for obtaining legendary equipment and weapons that are almost impossible to obtain in any other way. The passage cannot be called simple either, and many players will need destiny 2 carry from strong gamers.

This is also a good source of experience, which will help speed up character development and improve his equipment upon successful completion of the raid.

Destiny 2 boosting

This is a format of interaction between the player and the professional Skycoach service to ensure character leveling.

To complete an order, you need to transfer your account under service guarantees so that destiny 2 booster can seamlessly fulfill the order without the participation of the client and the full ability to control every minute independently.

To avoid unnecessary attention from the game administration, a Skycoach employee uses a VPN and upgrades the hero using all available gaming methods without using third-party programs.

After completing the order, all items and equipment obtained during leveling will remain on your character as a bonus, but to increase the security level of your account, it is recommended to change the password immediately after completing the order and confirming the result.

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