5 Ways Job-Related Stress Impacts Working Women

Top 5 Ways Job-Related Stress Impacts Working Women

Are frequent headaches and angry outbursts a common occurrence for you? Are you questioning your ability to focus on one thing at a time? Have you ever felt a sudden blood rush or severe chest pain and thought, what is it exactly?

Well, all these mental and physical changes can be symptoms of stress

Many work-related situations like working under deadlines or drastic job changes can trigger stress. It is essential to resolve the issue as stress can influence your personal and professional life. 

How Does Work-Related Stress Affect Your Life?

Work-related stress not only affects your productivity but can also deteriorate your health and lead to problems in your personal life. This stress can also cause serious issues like anxiety attacks, heart disease, or depression.

1. Affect Your Marriage

For a woman working in a typical corporate job, surviving a competitive career and nurturing a family can be extremely stressful. Small incidents like coming exhausted to a messy home or being told to make dinner, the moment they step into the house can trigger anger and outbursts. 

Angry outbursts or frequent arguments can result in a failed marriage. To prevent that from happening, identify the triggers and try to keep family and work routines as stable and organized as possible. The predictability will keep you at ease and your family will also appreciate the peaceful rhythm.

2. Weight Gain

Yes, you read it correctly. Stress can make you obese

Chronic stress can lead to excessive cortisol in your body. This cortisol secretion results in craving sweet or junk food. It can particularly slow down the metabolism in women as they tend to skip meals or over-eat under stress. 

3. Menstrual Problems

Women stressing a lot about their jobs can experience irregularity in their menstrual cycle. Cortisol secretion impacts your menstrual cycle and can even affect pregnancy.

Stress can result in heavy bleeding in some women, while others wouldn’t get periods for months. Women going through menopause can experience severe symptoms when they’re under stress including extreme discomfort and poor sleep. 

4. Sleep Deprivation

Are you often up late at night and go to the office with puffy eyes and dark circles? If it’s not your mobile phone which is keeping you up all night then it must be stress. 

Anxiety about work or thinking a lot about what you’ve got to do tomorrow can mess with your sleep cycle. Studies show that people require at least six to eight hours of adequate sleep to stay healthy and active. 

Sleeping late and waking up early for work will not only give you a headache throughout the day but can also negatively affect your kidneys or develop diseases related to heart and obesity. 

5. Change in Behavioural Patterns

While stress can affect you physically in many ways, it can also challenge your mental stability. Sudden emotional outbursts, frequent mood swings or avoiding others can be some symptoms of stress. 

A stressful environment can make you think you’re losing control, making it hard for you to relax and shush the thousands of thoughts messing with your mind. In such a situation, the angry or frustrated mood can result in you ending up lonely and questioning your existence or worth. 

Additionally, people suffering from an existential crisis, stress, or loneliness seek escapism, which can lead them toward alcoholism or substance abuse. It is necessary to address such issues at the earliest and take action. 

WhiteSands Drug Rehab in Florida can help working professionals overcome their addiction and get their careers back on track. Also, their outpatient programs ensure that patient recovery is sustainable and they don’t relapse. 


Punishing yourself in a stressful working environment makes absolutely no sense. Your health is far more important than your profession. Without good mental health, a person can’t be productive. 

Apart from stress and its impact, many other illnesses can creep up because of a poor work environment. That’s why selecting the right environment to work in becomes important.

So, if you are working in a stressful environment, you need to take a step back and rethink the whole situation. Give yourself a long break from the chaos and start again in a healthy working environment.

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