Armlety Reviews – Read It Before Ordering Any Product

Armlety Reviews 2020

Armlety Reviews – Read It Before Ordering Any Product -> This blog is written with the sole purpose of creating awareness about the credibility of the website.

Are you looking for some exclusive designs in dinnerware, jewelry, sunglasses, reading glasses, and Petites? Welcome to Armlety club, an online store dedicated to fulfilling your shopping needs for the products mentioned above. 

This United State based store inundates you with numerous options of fancy jewelry, fashionable clothing, and trendy eyewear. The products are displayed elegantly and come with a detailed description to make shopping easy as well as engaging. 

The store offers these products at attractive prices to entice customers.

Whether the Armlety club is legit or scam, let’s find out through Armlety Reviews.

Is Armlety club legit?

Digital technology has taken the world by storm. With the advent of the eCommerce industry, online shopping is booming. The need of the hour is to be cautious while indulging in online retail therapy.

Online shopping hubs like Armlety club sell trendy products at reasonable rates. Before succumbing to the pressure of buying such stuff, one should thoroughly research the authenticity of these stores. 

Let us learn about Armlety and get an answer to any ambiguity.

What is Armlety? 

Armlety is an online store that offers an assortment of eye-catching products at pocket-friendly rates. There is a range of stylish products to choose from.

Why is Armlety unique?

Almost all the items on Armlety are imported and seem to be of high quality. 

The website’s design lures you into a shopping spree. With every new item added to your shopping cart, you are tempted to ask for more. This is because each piece is uniquely crafted for different occasions. You can buy standard earrings, drop pearls, hoops, and danglers, to name a few. 

Similarly, there are sparking necklaces and bracelets for office wear, casual parties, and formal evenings.

You are spoilt for choices for clothes- tops, joggers, jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, pants, shorts, and much more. 

Trendy eyewear in popular colors is too hot to resist.

Specifications of Armlety:

  • Product- Dinnerware, sunglasses, reading glasses, Petites and jewelry items
  • Website- Email-
  • Address- 3893 Research Park Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
  • Contact number- +12054947844
  • Shipping- 1-2 weeks
  • Dispatch time- 24 hours (1 working day)
  • Delivery time- 3 to 10 working days, depending upon the size of the item
  • Shipping fee- Not very clear (depends on your address and size of the item)
  • Exchange/returns/refunds- No clarity
  • Mode of payment- Online payment only

Pros of Armlety:

  • Order can be tracked through a tracking number
  • The website is alluring
  • The products offered are trendy and seem to be durable
  • There are a variety of products

Cons of Armlety:

  • It is very new, less than a month old. It is a bad sign as most scam sites use unique domain names.
  • It uses a free_email
  • Armlety has no mail server
  • It uses an opencart platform
  • Turnnacy is a non-existent site

Customer feedback on Armlety:

There are no customer reviews on their website, which is not a good sign. 

Only one online review is available, which claims that the customer was duped. The customer was charged for an order which was never delivered. No receipt was provided, and the efforts to contact over the phone and emails were futile.

Final Verdict:

Online shopping is addictive. It is no doubt exciting to order stuff from classic websites, but the whole experience can be utterly devastating. You may end up getting robbed of your precious earnings by a phony seller.

It is advised to be cautious when shopping online lest one gets scammed by untrustworthy buyers. Online shopping entails the risk of getting trapped in credit card scams, receiving counterfeit goods, or no item at all.

The address provided on Armlety website is from the United State. Under the “Shipping Policy” section on their website, they only mention deliveries in UK Mainland addresses and the neighborhood areas. The matter written in this section is directly copied and pasted (with minor changes) from other websites.

The site claims to be one of the many subsidiaries of Turnnacy. After proper research, we concluded that Turnnacy is a bogus site.

Their “About Us” page provides very general information, which can be familiar to any other website. Also, there are formatting errors and grammatical mistakes on the page.

The sub-categories written under the “All Categories” section on the right-hand corner show no results when clicked.

As you click on the “Dinnerware option on the top left-hand corner, the page shows an error claiming “Bad Request.” This means that the link is broken.

In a nutshell, the website looks phony, and our advice is to refrain from buying from this site.

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  1. well before i came here on this site i ordered from Armlety and when i put in my payment info to pay for my purchase the screen went blank and said that the page couldnt be found i checked my account and my money was gone . so i sent them an email and i also tried to call the ph. number and that number is out of service. i work hard for my money for someone to just take it like that im gonna call the better business bureau and report this. its not rite.

  2. Is this company a scam or not? i seen a lot of reviews saying its a scam so if it really is i just lost 50 something that could have been spent on my babies

  3. Bra 70 dollars down drain… I shud oflooked here first.. I thought i was still on bestbuy we site until i ordered the tv.. and it said it went to an email

  4. i just bought a 65 inch tv on the site about 10 dayss ago It best be a legal site and provide me with the tv or they are all going to jail for long time I work for the richiest man iin the world so they best deliver..or I’ll send in the wolves…let’s see what happens…….. p.s. pay pal protected buy so should be ok…

    1. I ordered a TV from them and I didn’t get anything and there is no way of contacting them. So if you get a product from them your one of the lucky ones. Please let me know if you get yours. If not please let me know how to get intouch with them. Send me info on my email at

  5. I ordered and got a tracking number in Chinese. It showed 3 shipping dates. This is a scam! I am reporting them to BBB and since it is coming from China, I will find some other agency to reporting this Michigan based company. I know I will never see my 63 dollars again. I too started on Best Buy site. I am writing them next to let them know they are being piggybacked.

  6. Yeah I ordered a 65in. 4 months ago and still haven’t received it yes this is definitely a Scam I’ve should of known it was to good to be true for $68 dollars want be nobody else sucker will review next time I order online

  7. I bought TVs from this company last year in December they held up my TVs because they said of the coronavirus when I checked back for my TVs they said they delivered it to my house already I’ve never received this TVs but they took $136 from me and they will not give me my money back

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