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Knowfashionstyle Reviews [May] Read It Before Order!

Knowfashionstyle Reviews 2020

Knowfashionstyle Reviews [May] Read It Before Order! -> The website offers entire fashion-filled dresses, tops, lingeries, two-piece sets, for women.

Knowfashionstyle Reviews hunt still on! Pause at our page and read entirely for knowing more about the website.

That is another site for all fashion hunting ladies because it has all mind-blowing amazing dresses for a reasonable price range.

The brand exists since 2005 and is known globally for creating quality pieces of dresses and lingerie for women. It is a part of the Shenzhen Baoan District Mengbasha Clothing factory. 

The brand has its existence in all significant countries like United State and many more.

Besides so many excellent products being displayed over their portal. A series of mixed reviews exist on the internet about them. It makes a new customer ponder more keenly to know more about the site before investing in shopping from it.

What is the Knowfashionstyle website?

The website exists for over a decade, producing multiple pieces every year for women. The collection and taste build for the site is appreciable.

It offers everything for women from dresses to tops to two-piece sets, jumpsuits, bottoms, blazer, bodysuits, and more.

The price range also appears decent as per the quality of the collection is displayed. However, the actual quality pictures not found anywhere. 

The real product offered to its customers is still not factual. The website itself also has a range of reviews, but the reliability of it is not evident. 

Those reviews might also be paid or displayed by the website to build more trust in its buyers. 

Precise specifications about Knowfashionstyle:

  • Website type- Women, fashionable dresses, tops, jumpsuits, bottoms, two-piece sets, lingerie pieces, etc.
  • Shipping time- It might take between 7 to 25 days for standard shipping. Depending upon the country, the time duration exactly might vary. In some countries, a customs clearance takes more time, which increases the delivery time of the product.
  • Shipping charge- It has a flat shipping charge all across the globe.
  • Return and exchange- No specific information is available. However, you may reach at
  • Payment- It accepts online payment system including any cards or wallets or Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.
  • Contact details of the website-
  • Company name: Part of Shenzhen Baoan District Mengbasha Clothing factory.         
  • Email:;;;
  • Phone# 8618925188183, 8617150407875, 8617324252481, 8613128617978 (watsapp)  

No direct phone line or customer care number is available for calling.

Is Knowfashionstyle a legit website or another scam site for spenders?

Knowfashionstyle Reviews are so mixed that it becomes hard to claim it as a scam or legit at once.

It has all the content and options, but reliability becomes an issue. So investing without exploring more information about it might turn out to be risky.

But the site does not itself satisfy the buyers besides being in existence for 15 years and with displaying on-site reviews.

It still needs a little more effort for the website to gain the trust of the consumers for Turing out to be a customer-friendly portal.

Benefits of shopping from Knowfashionstyle:

  • It has an entire trendy and fashion spilled collection of dresses for women.
  • The pricing is very affordable.
  • Do show some items at sale prices.

Drawbacks of shopping from Knowfashionstyle:

  • No precise clarity about the exchange or return of the products is depicted.
  • No option for COD is available anywhere.
  • A lot of negative and mixed reviews about the website might appear a dicey call for shopping from it.
  • It does not have any free shipping or offers.
  • No fixed clarity when you will receive the product.

Context of conclusion:

Knowfashionstyle Reviews are so mixed that neither can be confirmed as legit nor real spam. 

Over the years, some sites have opted trends in sending products with low quality at times or just skipping sending any product without even refunds. The reason behind it is just profit-making or mere carelessness.

For this site, the reason does not appear clear about mixed reviews. So if you want to try it out, especially for the ones in the US, we suggest trying with one to two pieces of clothes by investing minimal possible.

 The site does appear very trendy and fashionable. However, it lacks reliable feedback or reviews. Because of which it becomes a little dicey to invest hard-earned money in it for any piece of dress.


  1. Iam trying to found out went my order is come in i. Order on June 7,2020 and i didn’t get my ordet yet

    1. Knowfashionstyle stole my money I have PayPal trying to retract it I purchased two out of stock garments the two garments plus shipping was $69 they emailed and told me the garments was out of stock I emailed them back over 7 times they keep emailing me pretending they never received my email and had the nerve to email me and say they will not give me a refund. It’s crazy I will never ever again use them and paypay is taking forever to give my money back from them.


  2. I placed an order on May 27th 2020 and I haven’t received anything yet I was getting emails about my order but now the emails has stop it has been thirty days I want my order or my $175 back

  3. I ordered from this company and only received 2 of the 4 items I purchased. The 2 items that they sent were not correct. I emailed them about it they told me to sale or keep the items I received. Ok but what about the items I did not received but paid for? I emailed them several times and I have yet to receive a refund for the items I did not get

    1. They stole my money as well and i have PayPal trying to retract my money. They sold me clothing that was out of stock and told me they was not refunding my money that’s my first and last time using them

    2. I ordered July 5th I haven’t got non of my stuff yet I spent $130 an they should be ashamed of them selves they sent me a tracking number that didn’t work and keep telling me it’s out for shipping

      1. Judging by the reviews I just read, I’m afraid of buying anything from this company now.

        Thanks but no thanks. Otherwise I was interested but seemingly your customers are not happy about your treatment

  4. I think its a scam I paid almost 30 bucks for shipping ordered on June 4th still haven’t received order or a process for a refund.

  5. It’s a scam. I’ve been waiting for three months now for my order. I’ve been emailing them, and thru just sent me 20 responses saying the same thing over and over again. I refuse to take a lost.

  6. I’m reading the comments about this website and a lot of people are saying that they never received their packages I’m trying to track my package to see where it’s at

  7. Check the Reviews on these Scammers before you make a purchase. Report them to the Police not to us we can’t Help you, Bring them up on charges they will then stop Scamming.

    1. Yes I been waiting since July maybe June! They def scamming for real. @davina are you even a bad bitch? Scamming ass bitches!!!

  8. I ordered march 8 2020 and still haven’t received my packages how do you report this website I’ve been asking for a full refund for months now

  9. Thanks for the warning. After seeing all this I didnt put my order through.Im glad I read all the reviews first.

  10. Boy Oh Boy. it pays to look at google reviews for a company before ordering. The website has some nice things, but I be damn if I’m gonna get scammed from this place.

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