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Yomifashion Reviews [Jan 2021] Should Anyone Order?

Yomifashion Reviews 2020

Yomifashion Reviews [Jan 2021] Should Anyone Order? -> This article will inform you whether you should trust this men & women online fashion store or not.

Are you searching for Yomifashion Reviews? If yes, you will find a lot of information on this website. If you are a regular online shopper and looking for a website that can provide accurate information on Yomifashion, you will not be disappointed.

We have tried our best to give you accurate information on the website with our research and website analysis. This United State-based website seems to be real, but according to reviews, the site has many suspicious things found in other already researched fraud websites. 

Yomifashion Reviews is an online store that claims to sell men and women clothing, shoes, accessories, and bags affordable. But the most important thing is to see if the website is legit or not. There are many fraud websites from which you have to protect yourself by doing some research. 

To know no more about the website, let’s collect more information on it. 

What is 

Yomifashion is an eCommerce shopping store where you can buy trendy women dresses, men cardigans, bags, shoes, and other fashion accessories. The website is offering all the products at a reasonable rate. Moreover, it is offering a massive discount on all the products. Some of the products on the website are women printed dresses, men cardigans, men boots, ladies tote bags, and accessories. 

However, decide between buying anything from this website, it’s essential to look for Yomifashion Reviews. 

For this, you must read the article till the end.


  • Website type: Online fashion store
  • Shipping: Free shipping if orders are over $69
  • Email:-
  • Phone Number:- Not Available
  • Address:- Not Available
  • Social Media Accounts:- Not Available
  • Return Policy: Applicable
  • Refund Policy: Applicable with condition

Is Yomifashion a scam or legit?

We have not come to any conclusion before doing full-fledged research on the website. After our research and analysis, we have found that Yomifashion reviews are not in favor of a website. The site is a scam, and the intention of a company can earn money utilizing fraud. 

The scammers have tried to make a website that seems to be original, but a lot of points revealed that its fake. the content and images are copied from any other site. Websites from which material is copied are also not legit. Any information about the company address and contact details is given on the website. The email address is also not secure.

Also, the discount available on the website does not seem to be impressive. Instead, it is building doubt in users’ minds because no site offers massive discounts on all the products. With all such loopholes, the website cannot be trusted. 


  • The website has an SSL certificate, which means the site is secured. 
  • The payment methods provided will help you in getting your money back. 
  • The website offers a massive discount on all its products. 


  • The companies address and contact details are not given on the contact us and about us page. 
  • There are several payment gateway icons on the website, including Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, etc. but these icons are not clickable. 
  • All the images and content used by the website is copied from some other websites, which are also suspicious. 

What are customers saying about the website? 

After doing the analysis, we have found that most of the people who have purchased any product from this website haven’t received anything. Most of the people have a complaint that the site is a fraud. Many of them have waited for the products for a long time but didn’t receive anything. Also, they did not get back their money.

More than 70% of the people have shown a red flag to the website and only given 1 out of 5-star rating. 

Final Verdict

After reading all the essential points, it has been concluded that Yomifashion is not an excellent website. You are not advised to purchase anything from this website. 

There are many suspicious activities involved in the website, which clearly states that you can lose your money. the site is a fraud, and the company is trying to cheat the customers smartly. You are recommended not to make any purchases because either they will deliver you forfeited goods or you will get nothing. In both cases, you will be at a loss. So, before making your decision go through the website thoroughly. 


  1. YES they are scammers. Sad I didn’t do more research before I sent my 115.14$. I ordered from them under the name “Dapperbuyer”. I had sent an email since I never received a confirmation of receipt. I have yet to receive any type of response. I even noted in the email about the name change. Same site just a new name. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE.. I am working now with my bank to see if I can get my money back. Probably not but I still need to let others know.. THEY ARE SCAMMERS…

  2. I did receive an item but not at all what I ordered and it was a second with obvious faulty workmanship. It’s value was about $2 but I paid $40 + for something good. Also it’s size was bizarre. 2XL came as a tiny medium. Never Again !


  4. Beware of YomiFashion of you are in America. They fraudulently charge your card and never ship you anything. They behave well the first time to impress you to come again. You usually get duped the second purchase….

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