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Is Vector Legit [May] Is It an Authentic Website?

Is Vector Legit 2020

Is Vector Legit [May] Is It an Authentic Website? -> In this article, we will know how multi-level marketing firms are playing with innocent people like they play with students and low employment people as well.

Have you heard about affiliate-marketing companies? You can check out Vector Marketing.

Sometimes known as multi-level or network marketing, such organizations allow individuals to be independent and sell items on behalf of the company. Most of the people are unaware of the company; hence, we share all the information for our readers so that they can make a sound judgment about whether to go with it.

A large number of such companies in the market mostly target college students, homemakers, and people with low incomes. Vector Marketing is becoming popular in the United-State, as it claims to offer individuals employment opportunities. All the representatives work as a part-timer and earn basic income out of it.

Let us learn all out the company in the article below:

What is Vector Marketing? is a multi-level-marketing and subsidiary company of Cutco Corporation – Cutlery making company. The formation of the company took place in 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company builds its sales force via advertising, newspaper publishing, social media, and word-of-mouth.

This direct marketing company recruits from high-school and college campuses through misrepresentation of an affiliation with schools and colleges if you think that “Is Victor Marketing a Scam?” like any other MLM company, then read the article below. 

You will get all your answers. 

Specification of Vector Marketing:

  • Parent Company: Cutco Corporation
  • Company Name: Vector Marketing Corporation
  • Web address:
  • Authorization: Direct Selling Authorization
  • CEO: Bruce Goodman
  • Head Office: Olean, New York
  • Business Model: Multi-level-marketing or direct selling

Is Vector a Legit Company?

Direct selling companies have a bad reputation. Whenever people want something desperately, predators are trying to take advantage out of it. And the MLM organizations offer people the dream of entrepreneurship who wants to start a business of their own.

People dream of becoming their boss and open themselves for the brutal manipulation by these sharks in lucrative advertisements. Such vicious companies cannot be overstated, and they market themselves as family-friendly, female-friendly, and diverse.

So your answer to the question “is a vector a legit company?”Though the company is registered, it earned by influencing people.

Pros of Vector Marketing:

  • Claims to pay good
  • Claims to offer personal growth
  • No experience required
  • Training sessions
  • Claims to offer the right quality products

Cons of Vector Marketing:

  • Does not have a good reputation in the market
  • Works on Pyramid systems

What are customers saying about Vector Marketing?

There must a question in the mind if Vector Marketing is a legit company. You may find this question on a search engine, and people have not said kind words about it. The company mostly preys on women, minorities, and immigrants but is not vilified the way financial companies are, as they publicize a glossy image of freedom and entrepreneurship.

MLMs grow by targeting people who want to make money and belongs to close-knit families. Such companies allow cash in on the rich networks, and their recruits include women- especially stay at home moms and the college students, who are willing to earn by working part-time.

Legal Actions against Vector Marketing

As per the report, a case was filed against the company by Arizona Attorney General in 1990, where the company gave assurance for not misrepresenting its compensation system. Whereas, in 1994, Wisconsin ordered Vector to work on their recruiting practices, which lead Cutco Corporation to stop its recruiting process temporarily.

Moreover, in 2016, it paid $6.75 million as a preliminary settlement for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. Furthermore, a lady named Alicia Harris reported a Federal class lawsuit in 2008. She stated that the company is violating the labor law by failing to pay adequate wages and illegally pressurizing employees into promoting the organization.


After reading all the above information, we can easily conclude the company playing the emotions of individuals who are looking to forward to become an entrepreneur. Vector Marketing brings lucrative deals to fool people.

Several cases are pending in the court because of the fraudulent activities they are pursuing. Is vector marketing legit? The answer to the question no, it is not a legit company as it is taking advantage of innocent people, for many years.

In case you are left with any questions or have something to tell us, write an email stating all your doubts. 

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