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Jackmand Website Reviews [May] Is Online Shopping Scam?

Jackmand Website Reviews 2020

Jackmand Website Reviews [May] Is Online Shopping Scam? -> This website consists of a range of beautiful gifts, hair accessories, elegant clothing for women, and home decor items.

Is Jackmand Website Reviews enough to help you make a call? Read this full article to more facts about the reality of Jackmand Website.

This website offers several home gifts like block print items, scented candles, some beauty gifts like a hairbrush, face masks, and creams. Besides that, it has a petite collection of dresses for the women, along with some beautiful hair accessories.

However, there are fewer online feedbacks with hardly any positive ones about the site. So relying on the website might appear uncertain by investing money on its products. Further, each product follows a specific price range nearby $ 50 that seems a little weird because some products are not even worth it. 

Several countries are added up in the shipping list of this website and not just the United State. The site has its contact address and origin from the Michigan of the US.

The real clarity about delivery charges reveals after adding up the postal code of the region during checkout.

What is the Jackmand website?

Jackmand Website offers several products from home decor things to beauty gifting items, petite dresses for women, and hair accessories. The quality of the products looks good in the pictures though the website credibility is still under objection because of negative reviews.

The origin of the website seems based in the US, and contact details have been specified with a proper return form to initiate returns.

But shipping charges are not much crystal clear for all countries and even for the US.

So confusion and dilemma might exist for some reason about the website.

 More specifications of Jackmand website:

  • Website type- It has a range of hair accessories, decor items for the house, and women attire.
  • Shipping span- Normally, it might take 3-10 days for the entire process for the UK. However, deliveries take more time than another region, excluding the days of holidays. 
  • Shipping charge- The charge levied according to the postal code or region with no flat fee. Free standard delivery is provided for the UK, but early or next day delivery levies extra charge. 
  • Exchange- Nothin is specified.
  • Return process- The process appears a little complicated and requires a mandatory authorization for the return, which can be filed via their return page form. However, the cost of returning the product falls over the customer.
  • Contact details-
  • Phone# +12054947844
  • Address: 3893 Research Park Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
  • OR
  • Contacting the site is also possible via a form in the contact section.
  • Payment- It is feasible via any card, or Paypal wallet, etc.

Jackmand is legit or a scam site?

Jackmand Website Reviews  site appears fake with a contact address of the US and not delivering any free shipping within the US. Further details mentioned on the site, including product pictures, seem similar to some other websites it does not seem to have an alliance.

However, looking at the price range of over $ 50 for each product raises concerns. The doubts do appear if it is legit or not observing a fixed price pattern of the products. 

What are the positive things to make you shop from Jackmand website? 

  • It exhibits beautiful accessories collection for hair, with several home items for decor and use and even attires for women.
  • It provides free of cost shipping of products in the UK.

What are the negative sides of make from Jackmand website?

  • No clarity is available about product exchange during size troubles.
  • No scope of COD, but going for online payments might turn risky.
  • For the return of the product, shipping charges mount over the customer’s head.
  • Limited reviews exist online and questions the credibility of the site.

A Concluding note:

Jackmand Website Reviews  offers its customers several unique hair accessories though little overpriced. Besides that, several home decor items and beauty items and dresses for the women are also available on the site. 

But the shipping facts about the US are not clarified. Even though the origin of the site remains from the US, that makes it appear like some fake website with paid take-over contact details and made to fool the people. 

It is evident that not many reviews are available online, so buying from the site might be nothing more than losing money. 

The range of products displayed also has merely copied pictures from other portals, so nothing so exclusive appears about this site.

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  1. This Jackman is a scam. Don’t order anything from this site. I bought a kitchen aid blender and after 3 months later I was delivered supposedly 2 scarfs what turned out to be 2 face mask. There is no contact with them, The site needs to be taken off.

  2. The exact same thing happened to me. Bought what should have been a kitchen aid mixer and 3 months later I was delivered supposedly 2 handkerchiefs that were 2 face masks. Have contacted them about 20 times to resolve and finally the stated “Sorry, we will arrange the refund”. But haven’t seen that refund and tried to work with PayPal to resolve and they stated this is not covered under the protection plan.

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