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Chicfay com Reviews [July] You Must Read Before Order!

Chicfay com Reviews 2020

Chicfay com Reviews [July] You Must Read Before Order! -> This article gives information about an online store that sells top-quality fashion clothing and accessories globally at very reasonable prices.

Are you upbeat about high-fashion clothing and accessories? Do you want to dress up in trendy outfits that are budget-friendly? Sounds too good to be true! Well, Chicfay is here to make that happen!

Going by Reviews, the site has gained immense popularity in the United State.

Not only in the United States, but people all over the world are flooding the site to order merchandise.

Let us learn more about this website-

What is Chicfay?

Chicfay is a professional fashion store based in China that sells trendy clothing and accessories online. It is a one-stop-shop for fashionistas looking to buy expensive boho dresses or Tees or patterned blouses and chic swimwear. The store mainly caters to young women and teens and sells stuff at very economical prices. 

Why is Chicfay unique?

Chicfay is unique because of many reasons. 

Firstly, the store remains on top of the latest fashion trends. It delivers the trendiest and most modern styles from all across the globe at your doorstep. 

The merchandise seems to be of top-notch quality. They offer an endless variety of chic swimwear, tops, and dresses. Among other outerwear, you can buy hoodies, sweatshirts, cardigans, coats, scarves, and shawls too. 

Chicfay also sells merchandise in XXL sizes, which is a boon for plus-size customers. The size chart available on their website is very detailed. It ensures easy shopping for women of all shapes and sizes.

You can also purchase exclusive accessories such as necklaces, earrings, brooches, eyewear, anklets, toe rings, and much more. The designs are just too contemporary and tempting.

The store promises fast and precise delivery. Also, they provide free shipping on all orders all over the world, irrespective of the cost of the merchandise.

The products are economically priced. The store is also offering a 10% discount, which can be claimed through a code available on their website.

Last but not least, their customer service is supposed to be par excellence. All customer queries are answered in 24 hours, except on the weekends and holidays.

Specifications of Chicfay:

  • Products: High-fashion clothing, swimwear, accessories
  • Website:  
  • Email:
  • Shipping fee: Free shipping on all orders, all over the world
  • Processing time: 2 to 7 business days
  • Shipping time: 7 to 14 business days
  • Delivery time: 7 to 12 business days on an average, but in rare cases can take up to + 30 days
  • Returns and exchange: Can be done depending upon the reason for the same. Details on their website. No returns after 14 days
  • Mode of payment: PayPal

Pros of Chicfay:

  • Sells clothing and accessories of the latest fashion from all over the globe
  • Sells clothing in plus sizes too 
  • The products seem to be of high quality.
  • Comfortable clothing and affordable prices
  • Some attractive deals and offers are available on their website.
  • Free shipping all over the world
  • Have a dedicated product team to ensure the best quality 
  • You can track your order with a tracking number at
  • You have the option of changing/modifying your order before shipment.

 Cons of Chicfay:

  • You can cancel your order only within 24 hours of your purchase. 
  • Not all items are returnable and exchangeable.
  • In case you want a refund or exchange, you pay for shipping. 
  • The refund is reflected in the account after 20 days.
  • No returns are possible after 14 days.
  • The brand has no social media presence except on Facebook. On Facebook, there are no comments from any customers.

Customer reviews of Chicfay:

If you search online, the customers have very positive reviews about Chicfay. They love the quality, perfect fit, colors, and pricing of the products. The customers are happy that the items delivered to them are the same as they appear on the website.

Customers are also happy about email communication, tracking delivery options, and prompt delivery. Most of the customers are so satisfied that they are re-ordering from this website.

Final verdict:

The website is operated by fashiony clotheswhich is very popular and a hit with customers. If you search the internet, the customers have very flattering things to say about this brand.

As per our research on reviews, the brand is trustworthy and entirely dependable. We conclude by saying that there is no discrepancy or hidden gimmick if you shop online at Chicfay. The brand is the actual image of what it showcases on its website. 

Please share your reviews in case you have made any purchases at this online store.

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    1. Good Luck!!!! I ordered a bathing suit on May 3rd and it’s June 24th and I still have no bathing suit, but they got their money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mine took 2 months. No replies ever from company. The they put wrong Freaking address on it and was delivered to someone else! Post office wont even give me the address so I can go ask the people for it back. So basically someone got my Bathing Suit for free!.
        This is a horrible company. Stay away!

        1. I’ve had the exact same problem. I ordered on May 9th, and it’s now June 29th, and no swim suit. I have emailed 3 times asking for my money back, and I have gotten NO response. I DO NOT recommend this site at all.

          1. Same here! I had ordered min may 26th and here it is aug 10th! I’ve emailed and everything and nothing! They even took my money out of my bank! I just want a refund!

        2. I’m having the same problem I ordered 2 bathing suits on May 6th and still do not have them and its June 30. I’ve emailed 3 times and no response. I do not recomend this site!!

      2. Me too!!! I ordered 2 swimsuits the first part of May and still no order and I can’t get anyone to respond to my emails!!!!!!

    2. Ordered on May 8th and on July 15th still have no delivery….not happy…will not order from here again 😡

    3. O still have not received my order that I order middle of May! By the time it comes I wont need it cause it will be winter and I live in Wisconsin!

  1. Had no clue there shipments come from China! Ordered May 8th and still nothing. According to tracking it is still in China! I have emailed a few times now and told them to cancel my order! Absolutely NO response from them. Shipping said 7-10 business days. Will for sure leave Bad customer service Reviews everywhere!

  2. Same situation for me! Ordered a bathing suit on May 20 and have heard nothing! Sent emails to customer service and NO REPLY! My oder stated deliver within 10-20 days. If I had known. prior to ordering, that it was coming from China I never would have placed the order. Deceitful advertising and poor customer service!


  4. Ordered on May 7th and on May 27th got a text message stating package was on the way and today is June 24th and still no package!!

  5. Same here! I ordered bathing suits in March and it is now the end of June. No shipment. Tracking shows it went from China and went back to China. I sent multiple emails. No response. This company just steals your money! Do NOT buy from this site!!!!

  6. Fight it. That is what I am doing as I haven’t received my order yet either and they are ignoring my emails!

  7. Terrible, Terrible!! Ordered May 11, 2020 and today is now July 3, 2020!!
    I’ve sent emails, I’ve tried to track the package…
    Still nothing! No Response, no bathing suits, no tracking..NOTHING

  8. Avoid! Do not order! I placed an order in May and still haven’t received it! The company hasn’t responded to any of my emails either.

  9. Ordered bathing suit on May 10th Did not receive No response from several emails and they have no contact phone# Dispute charge with bank!!!

  10. Took my money but didn’t receive what I ordered over a month ago. Tried contacting them with no response.

  11. I ordered mine on may22 it is now july no swim suit no answer to emails no contact what so ever I will never order from them again they took my money and hid from me NOT A good company at all answer your emails and get the product to the people that order and pay for it I will let everyone I know know how you treat your customers Chicfay and let them know not to order from you you are a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m in the same boat as the rest of you! Ordered a bathing suit mid-May…still haven’t received it. My credit card was charged! Nobody will reply to my emails! I also didn’t realize it came from China, I’m unable to track anything. My money is gone and I doubt I will ever receive my order!

    1. I ordered a swim suit 5/8 its now 8/14 and never received it. Tracking number is expired. And they got their money. I will be reporting them

  13. Same as all of the above… ordered 2 months ago. No shipment, no response to email. So annoyed!! Wish they would follow up!

  14. Same for me! I ordered 2 swimsuits May 8th. I got a tracking number from them that says it left Shanghai May 27th. Here we are July 14 and still nothing. I have sent 7 emails and only get a computer generated response saying their support team will look in to it. Yeah right!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE. THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND YOU NEVER GET YOUR MERCHANDISE!!!!

  15. Ordered a bathing suit in May. Now mid July & no suit, no tracking #, no email( or ANY other form of communication). I have no idea what is going on. As far as I’m concerned, it’s fraud. Never, ever again will I order from here. I will also tell people I know not to order.

  16. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I actually checked reviews BEFORE I ordered a bathing suit from Chicfay June 1, 2020. The reviews I checked on Fb were all FAVORABLE… obviously a HOAX!! AFTER my order was received and they charged my cc, I received an email from Chicfay “thanking me” for my order “folks like me, help keep them going”… I have yet to receive my suit and have sent them MULTIPLE emails inquiring about the status of my order with NO RESPONSE, at all, to any of them! FRUSTRATED! Obviously, I didn’t check THIS website for reviews before giving them my money… MY BAD FOR SURE!!! My recommendation would be STIR CLEAR of this company!!!

  17. I ordered May 2, 2020 It is now July 17, 2020 now bathing suit and no respond from company. Will be contacting My lawyer.

  18. I placed an order on June 14th and paid over $200 for bathing suits. As of July 19th, I have not received my order. I’ve also sent numerous emails and have received no response. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

  19. This company located in China is WAY TOO SLOW! I ordered swimsuits on the 9th of June and they were finally shipped the 24th. Today (July 21) they still have NOT ARRIVED! Summer will be over before these suits get to my door.
    Wish I had read some reviews before ordering. All I can see from the tracking is the suits are in transit from China. Last date listed on transit was June 29….I’m not holding my breath that these will ever arrive.
    Very disappointed!

  20. I ordered a bathing suit and cover up on June 24 and today is July 22 and have not received anything! I have emailed them twice and not one response! They sure took my money though! I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!

  21. Same!!! Ordered in early June and I have received nothing as of July 29th. Please do not order from this company.

  22. Ordered several suits on May 17 and it is now July 28th and no sign of merchandise. HORRIBLE.

  23. It sounds like we all have the same problem. I ordered my bathing suits on May 20th. On June 2nd I received a text saying it had shipped. It is now 8 weeks later and I still have no bathing suits. I have emailed several times with no response. When I try to track the shipment it gives me no information and they have no contact phone number. I feel like there needs to be some sort of investigation into this company since all of us are having the same problem.

  24. I am still waiting for a response to my numerous emails regarding my order on May 8, 2020 and STILL NO RESPONSE from these yahoos!!! Do not spend your money with this company. They are scandalous and will take your money. More than likely they will blame all of their theft on the corona virus pandemic!!!!

  25. I can’t believe the massive amount of people they have scammed – how do they keep getting away with it? They need shut down, this is ludicrous!!! I ordered May 15, today is July 30 – STILL NOTHING!!! Last tracking date is May F-ing 30th!!!

  26. I still have not received my order that I order middle of May! By the time it comes I wont need it cause it will be winter and I live in Wisconsin!

  27. Looks like MANY people have ordered and not recieved product. Tracking saying product still in China with USPS. I odered in July and now Sept still not here. No response. Seems like a Scam company. I am going get postal investigation. Work with my credit card to cancel payment. Should have investigated. Lesson learned!!!! Thank goodness I only ordered one suit.

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