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Masqd Face Masks Reviews {May 2020} Is It Safe To Buy?

Masqd Face Masks Reviews 2020

Masqd Face Masks Reviews {May 2020} Is It Safe To Buy? -> In this article, you get to know about a unisex reusable face mask that comes with floral design.

From how many sites do you buy washable face masks? Now check out Masqd. 

We encountered many Masqd face mask reviews posted online. As it is our goal to keep our readers updated about new products and online stores, today, we’re sharing essential details of this face mask. 

In light of current events, most of the e-shops are selling face masks. These sites offer an array of services.

Currently, this cloth face mask and the online store are famous in the United State. Both have received a lot of positive attention online. 

If you want to buy a comfortable and reusable face mask online, then Masqd face mask is a perfect choice for you. Let us share more details about this face and the site you can buy it from. 

What is Masqd?

Masqd is an online store that offers a variety of face masks to combat the shortage that has occurred due to the coronavirus outbreak. Started and run by women, this site sells top-quality face masks that are designed to provide protection from harmful airborne materials. 

One of the most popular products sold by this site is Masqd face mask. But is Masqd a legit site? Read on to know more. 

Specifications of Masqd Face Mask:

  • The mask is made with two fabrics – cotton (955) and lycra (5%)
  • You can wash the face mask in the washing machine. 
  • The mask comes with stretchable ear loops. 
  • The mask has a metal molding near the nose to ensure proper protection. 

Benefits of Masqd Face Mask:

  • You can reuse the face mask as it is washable. 
  • It protects you from airborne materials that can harm your health. 
  • The masks are designed to fit all adults. 
  • The adjustable metal molding helps properly seal your face.   

How to use Masqd Face Mask?

  • Hold the ear loops and put the mask on your face.
  • Adjust the metal molding around the nose to prevent any gap. 

Specifications of Masqd:

  • Website type – reusable face masks for adults and children
  • Shipping time – within 10 days
  • Shipping fee – $4.99 (USPS First Class), $20 (international order) 
  • Return – not available
  • Exchange – not available
  • Cancellation of order – contact as soon as possible, before the order gets shipped.
  • Company address – not shared
  • Company contact number – not shared
  • Company email id – 
  • Mode of payment – AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Diner’s Club, Discover, JCB, Visa, MasterCard

Is Masqd Legit?

The site is recently welcomed in the ecommerce industry. On the ‘about us’ page, the site shares essential information about their business. They have maintained transparency with the visitors by sharing the reason why they chose to start this site. 

The site shares a list of names of various organizations they are associated with. It is a good sign as it confirms the legitimacy of the website. All the other information about the shipping and return policy and products are mentioned on the site. In our opinion, this site is legit and sells good-quality face masks. 

Pros of buying from Masqd:

  • You can buy stylish and functional face masks.
  • All the face masks are reusable and comfortable.
  • The face masks are available at reasonable prices.
  • The site ships internationally. 

Cons of buying from Masqd:

  • You can not return a product.
  • The site does not share any specific period by which you can cancel an order.
  • The site does not share any contact number or address. 

What are the customers saying about Masqd?

As the site is recently developed, there are not many reviews available online about the products and services of But we came across many reviews posted on the Masqd face mask page. A lot of customers have posted happy and positive reviews about the product. 

The customers appear to be impressed with the fabric and stylish floral print of the face mask. One customer shares how the site provides fast delivery, and the floral print mask looks very attractive and different. The maximum of the reviews posted by the customers are positive. 

Final thought

The site and especially the Masqd face mask are quite popular. The site shares all the vital information about its shipping policy. Also, it shares the specifications about the printed face mask to help customers make a decision. 

The site has an SSL certification and is updated regularly. We suggest our customers shop from this site to get their hands on a washable printed face mask. Go ahead and place the order and share your experience with us.


  1. My experience with this company has not been a positive one. I was treated very poorly by their employees Kara & Lucy.. It all started when I contacted them about not receiving my merchandise and that I keep getting different answers regarding my order. 1st I am told, it shipped, 2nd time I am told it’s shipping soon, 3rd time I was told it shipped and the USPS is to blame.. after I complained about all the excuses and I wanted my merchandise, I was greeted with an email by Kara “breathe your order was shipped.. Relax I am refunding you and now you will still get your order for free!! I then emailed about another order I received an email from Lucy.. I am refunding you for this order too nobody needs your $20.. Funny thing my order was for about $80. In addition they deleted all my comments on their IG.. They delete any negative feedback or comments. They are not honest people and the company is not run by females either.. They are deceiving the public. They should be ashamed of themselves treating customers so poorly in the middle of a pandemic..

    1. I have nothing good to say about Masqd they are nothing but scam artists. They should be ashamed of themselves during this pandemic. I to was told that my order shipped then was told give it a couple days to update well 5days is still no update. Asked for refund only after I told them that I was reporting them. A person who has a health issue wanting to buy made in USA and this happens.

  2. Ordered my mask on April 27…..received notification that a shipping label was created on May 5……today is May 13, according to USPS it is still in pre-shipment
    On May 8 customer service assured me if was shipped and tracking would be available in 24-48 hours……as of today May 13 post office says they haven’t received it. Customer service told me today it had shipped and tracking would be available in 24-48 hrs
    Hopefully i will have info or the mask by Friday or i will ask my credit card company to remove the charge

  3. I’ve been waiting 4 weeks for one mask I don’t get replies to my email. Won’t ever order from them again

  4. Please check out their Facebook page you can read all the posts from dissatisfied customers.. They can delete comments on IG but not on FB.. Of course they delete their own snarky & rude comments, but screenshots are taken and re-posted by the actual customer.

  5. I ordered the face masks and was billed for them on May 2nd. I’m still waiting to receive them. Everyone in FB was saying how they received theirs with in 10 days. So far it’s been 16 days.

  6. I just ordered from them last night. After reading this I’m afraid I’ve been had. I’m going to ask for a refund now to see if I can safe time and frustration. I will read reviews first from now going forward.

  7. I have to say I’m in the same situation as the people above. Ordered and paid on 5/3, masks still haven’t arrived. USPS is still in pre-shipment. Unfortunate as MASQD was recommended in a company-wide email where I work. I am now going to warn my co-workers so my peers won’t have to suffer through the same experience.

  8. Hi, I ordered my masks on May 6th and a label was generated on May 15th. I live in San Diego and haven’t received a thing. I made a comment on Facebook stating these same facts. My comment was removed. I then commented again (same facts). They removed that comment, too, and now I’m not allowed to comment any longer. They are stating on Facebook that their orders are received in 10 days or less. If you notice, there’s only positive feedback on FB. Complete fraud. I just emailed them asking when I should expect them. Based on these comments here, I’m not expecting a response. If I don’t receive anything soon, I, too, will fix that with my credit card company. What a sham.

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