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Who doesn’t like Festivals? We all like to enjoy a day apart from our hectic schedules. Thus, over the Internet, people are now searching for a seasonal festival scheduled to commence at the end of this year. Moreover, they are also finding Is When We Were Young Festival A Scam or not? So, let us try to find more details in the coming paragraphs. 

About The Festival

It is an event that will include many well-known artists to unite and share the same stage. In addition, it is meant to be an ideal place for music lovers where they will get to notice their favourite singers, bands, performers. Thus, if you find this event compelling, you should read the section below. 

Supplementary Information 

  • According to the sources, the festival will occur at Las Vegas Festival Grounds on 22nd October 2022.
  • However, we will discuss facts on When We Were Young Bands Not Knowing, as the people are searching for it also. 
  • The most recent update related to this event is that its tickets are going for presale from 21st January 2022, 10 am PST onwards. 
  • If you are 21 years old or above, you can sign up over their official website to book your slot. 
  • You can obtain tickets for as low as $19.99, but several prime quotas are also mentioned. So, if you want to enrol, you may visit the official site. 
  • Upon investigating facts on When We Were Young Bands Not Knowing, several reports have disclosed that the event will initiate from 11 am to 12 am, meaning it will go on the whole day. 
  • You may be asked to show your negative Covid results for entry. 

Artists Included 

According to some resources, the event’s headlines are Paramore and My Chemical Romance. However, some artists will follow them, including 

  • Bright Eyes
  • Avril Lavigne
  • AFI
  • Jimmy Eat World
  • A Day To Remember
  • Wolf Alice
  • Dashboard Confessional
  • Akaline Trio

So let us move further in this article to detect more hints. 

Is When We Were Young Festival A Scam

We have analysed every crucial detail thoroughly and discovered that this festival is legit. However, people are discussing related stuff on different social platforms, so let us elaborate on it below. 

How Are Fans Replying? 

Over the Internet, people are peeling the news related to the festival where some are commenting that it might be a mess and it is unworthy. Moreover, many are replying that the ticket does not deserve such a price. But we have not found any trace of being a scam.  

The Final Verdict 

In this composition, we investigated ‘Is When We Were Young Festival A Scam‘ or not, revealing that it is authentic. However, consumers think that the festival might be a problem over the Internet. Besides, the crucial dates, ticket price, precautions mentioned on the portal are spelt out in this writing. 

Have you booked your seat over Kindly highlight your feedback on this topic below. Also, learn here about online scams and how to stay protected.

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