Is Walksafe Legit (March) Read Detailed Reviews Here!

Is Walksafe Legit 2021

Is Walksafe Legit (March) Read Detailed Reviews Here! >> Read to know more about an online platform that providing safety in daily life to women and seems to be a legit app.

Is Walksafe Legit?-has become the primary concern in the United Kingdom.

The personal safety application specially designed for women has been widely accepted in just five days. 

The developer has explained how practical this application will be for daily women’s safety. If you want to grab some knowledge about the app’s feature or cross-check how reliable this platform is, this content will serve you the exact subject matter.

Walk Safe Application:

Walk safely is an online platform, which is designated to people aware of the danger. It is available on both iOS platform and Android platforms. It has a total of five features to beware the application’s users from hazards. We will be proposing to provide brief details about those features-

Walk Safe Map: While finding Is The App Walksafe Safe, we got this map to show Walk safe users and police dangers’ reports like mugging, knife crime, assault, etc. Tab the middle icon, and you will see the map and point out the dangerous spot. Moreover, it has a unique feature that alerts a person automatically if he/she goes near these hazards.

Tap Safe: The tap safe feature allows a person to connect to their loved ones. After opening Tap Safe, if the person stops tapping, an immediately automated alert will be sent with his/ her location details.

Home Safe: It is another innovative feature that will notify your loved ones if you fail to come home on time. Following Is The App Walksafe Safe, all you need to do is set a specific time and place and share it with your family. Suppose you will be unable to complete your journey successfully; it will notify your family.

Check-In: With the help of check-in, you can schedule a meeting and such programs. If you forgot, it would notify you.

Updates: Get updates and live alerts from Home Safe, Tap Safe, and Check-In.


  • The application is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Chaperhome Limited is the provider.
  • It is free to use application.
  • The application size is 36.9 MB.
  • It is available in the English language.
  • The genre is Lifestyle.

Is Walksafe Legit?

The platform has been reached the number one position in the top listed free application in the apple store, and it is reported that every 10 minutes, the app is being downloaded 1000 times. The online platform is undeniably legit. It has been rated with 3 Stars and mixed reviews on the Apple Store, where users appreciated the concept. 

People are concerned about the crime post and wondering if those posts are actual or not and suggested a verification process if someone posts some crime. Each remark has a developer response.


Walk Safe is growing in popularity in the United Kingdom, built with novel features to alert people from risk. Is Walksafe Legit? Yes, the platform is safe to use and has already been downloaded for over 100K. Anyone can use it for safety purposes but, first read the reviews.

Have you downloaded Walk Safe? Let us know your experience.

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