Is the App Walksafe Safe (March) Check Reviews Here!

Is the App Walksafe Safe 2021

Is the App Walksafe Safe (March) Check Reviews Here! >> Please read this article if you feel spooky around your unsafe routes, know about a free safety app that looks legit. 

As the number of crimes increases day by day, do you feel unsafe walking alone at night? WalkSafe is an app that keeps your loved ones updated about your whereabouts. 

Is the App Walksafe Safe? We are answering this question, but you need to read our article till the end. 

Currently, it’s available for the citizens of the United Kingdom. Is the company planning to expand to other nations? Let’s find that out. 

What is WalkSafe? 

It is a personal safety app curated especially for women. The map is in-built in WalkSafe showcases the visual crime reports in a particular area reported by the police. 

It scans the road for any possible crime and helps users to plan a safer route to travel. They have included intuitive features like TapSafe and HomeSafe that we will discuss in our next section. 

Is the App Walksafe Safe, and What Are Its Features?

Yes. The app is safe to use. Recently, the app saw an enormous increment of 300,000 downloads within a week with its unique features. 

List of features: 

  • WalkSafe Map: It alerts you through the police and WalkSafe reports of crime like sexual assault, mugging, and kidnapping in a particular route. 
  • HomeSafe: You can set a specific place and time to share with your family and friends. If you don’t reach your destination on time, it will alert them. 
  • TapSafe: It will notify your loved ones of your location if you stop tapping for a specific time. 
  • Check-In: It will set a reminder for someone to check on your location. 

Is Walksafe Safe for Only Women? 

The United Kingdombased company’s co-founder Emma Kay said it’s unfortunate that we need such apps.

It was created while keeping in mind the safety of its users from every aspect. So, it’s for everyone who feels they are in danger. 

How’s the response it is getting? 

The app is available to download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So, iPhone and Android users can easily keep it for free in their phones without violating privacy. 

Is Walksafe SafeYes, it received a 3-star rating on the Apple Store, where most of the users appreciate the thought behind it and their services. In contrast, some people wanted few changes in the app. 

The customer care team is active and responsive who took care of these queries, and ensures customers must be informed. 

Bottom Line 

It’s not a hidden fact that women are not safe, and there’s potential danger lurking around to attack. These apps like WalkSafe and Hollie Guard are built to create a sense of safety among people. 

So, we confidently assure positively on the question- Is the App Walksafe Safe? Check the app out and install it today. 

What’s your opinion on such safety apps? We would love to read your thoughts. 

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