Zefoy .Com (March 2021) Is It A Trustworthy Site Or Not?

Zefoy .Com 2021

Zefoy .Com (March 2021) Is It A Trustworthy Site Or Not? >> Read this article about a website claiming to give you unrestricted views and followers in the trending social media app.

Do you use TikTok? Do you want more hearts, views, or followers for free? Well, let us be honest who doesn’t? Read our complete article to know about a website that claims to do this job for free – Zefoy .com

TikTok is estimated to have over a billion users and is now one of the most trending social media apps in the United Kingdom and the United States. Every other youth wants to get famous on Tik-Tok; some do it the right way, some do not.

About website

Zefoy is a website that uses bots to increase its users’ followers, likes, comments, and views. It is a free website, and it is going viral amongst the TikTok community. TikTok is trying hard to keep such bots away from updating its security, but Zefoy keeps updating its services from time to time.

How to use the website

The website is pretty simple to use. First, go to Zefoy .com, and it will ask you to fill in a captcha code before entering the website. Then, it will take you to the home page of Zefoy, where you can find options to increase your views, hearts (likes), comment hearts, and followers. All you have to do is paste your TikTok video URL link in the given box and Ta-dah! 


  • The website is pretty easy to use.
  • You don’t have to log into your account to receive the likes, views, and followers, unlike other bots.
  • The website has a valid HTTPS secured connection.
  • Zefoy .com is featured in many TikTok videos with people showing proof of its legitimacy.


  • The website is new, and every social media bot should be used with caution.
  • This doesn’t give you a single real follower or make you famous as the increased numbers of people are fake.
  • The bot accounts usually have a weird or random username with a stock profile photo, and the account is easily recognizable.

Is it safe?

Some bot accounts might contain explicit or inappropriate content, and there are plenty of minor users on the platform. Plus, the overall number of bots is increasing fast. If someone notices that you use bots and report you, your account will be banned forever, and everything will go in vain. Zefoy .com or any other bot is also a threat to the platform.


Tons of people are using bots every day to make themselves look more famous on TikTok. Still, it is all worthless as any viewer watching a video whose engagement is full of bots will lack interest and will avoid interacting with any such account. 

If you want to get famous, you should make new and exciting videos, keep the video short and direct, you can share some exciting stories or show your talent.

We suggest you not use Zefoy .com if you want to be famous, as it is a total turn-off. Do you prefer fake followers? Share your honest opinion with us in the comment section below.

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