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How Stormlikes Works: Acquiring likes on Instagram is necessary for your success on the platform. Stormlikes offer an easy way to buy them at a low cost. Before you can use the service, you need to know how the service works.

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What does Stormlikes offer?

Stormlikes claim to be the only service providing Instagram likes from real people. In addition, they offer a way to customize the likes by country and gender. It’s a useful service for marketing campaigns because it allows targeting a specific demographic, which can attract even more attention from certain audiences.

If your post is liked by many users of one group, it’ll be shown to others from the same group. That’s because Instagram aims to maximize user engagement and set its algorithms for this purpose. Therefore, buying country and gender customized likes should increase your visibility for the needed group.

This all sounds a bit too good to be true, and maybe that’s why Stormlikes is a bit careful in their promises. They don’t guarantee that your chosen demographic will like your posts, only that they will try their best to bring such likes. If they don’t have likes from the selected audience, you’ll have to make do with something similar.

Their Terms of Service do not guarantee success either. There is no mention of cases where they are bound to refund you. So if you don’t get any likes or your account is banned, you take full responsibility. 

Still, Stormlikes has a promising service. Whether it’s a risk worth taking depends on how it actually functions.

Stormlikes from customer perspective

Stormlikes is quite straightforward from the customer’s perspective. You enter your Instagram name, select a post and the audience you wish to get likes from. In a matter of minutes, the likes appear on your post.

You can try it out for free, and 10 likes from random users will be generated on your chosen post. Sadly, there is no possibility to test whether the like customization feature works as intended without paying. For this feature, you will have to enter your payment card details or use Apple pay.

Notice that at no point Stormlikes will ask for your Instagram password. They are in it for the service and not to scam you. As a word of caution – avoid any service which would ask you to provide their Instagram password. It is probably a fraud.

Once the needed number of likes appear on your Instagram, you can see for yourself whether the accounts are legitimate. Customer reviews on their website and elsewhere seem to confirm that they are. Although, it’s not clear how much we can trust them.

There are some negative reviews where people complain about not receiving likes they wanted or any likes at all. Also, a quick glance into Stormilkes rewards program reveals that they give out discounts for positive reviews and good mentions about their service, so take the glowing feedback with a grain of salt.

Inner workings of Stormlikes

To be honest, there is not a lot of information available on how the Stormlikes service actually works. But based on some research we can assume a couple of things about how it might work. Based on their own website, they claim to work only with real people: 

All of our likes are from real people. People who are active on Instagram, who post stories and who have a real feed.

If we take Stormlikes at their word, then it means there are no bots or fake accounts involved. Every like is pressed by a real person and we can confirm this by looking into the profiles of people you received likes from.

The quality of accounts that like your posts is excellent. They all seem to be real and active Instagram users. All have followers, profile pictures and stories uploaded even on the same day. Additionally, most of the accounts are no less than a few years old, at least the ones we have checked.

The accounts look too genuine to be run solely by bots, and so it leaves us with two options. Stormlikes is paying for people to allow access to their accounts and automate likes. However, there is no such program to be found.

Another, a more wicked option is possible – they are using stolen or hacked profiles to do the liking. Such a method is surely effective but certainly not ethical. But this is only speculation, and we cannot know for sure.

Finally, they might have some secret method that entices people to like your posts.

Keeping your Instagram account safe

Since we can only speculate about the inner workings of Stormlike, you can’t really be certain that they are safe. If the likes originate from bots or stolen profiles, it may be a red flag for Instagram, and your account can be banned.

Even if you will avoid the wrath of Instagram, there is a question of your reputation. Companies can see whether you are buying likes. If they do, the chances of them working with you will plummet. Usually, they look thoroughly into your account before investing.

Stormlikes is worth using only if you know how to keep your account and reputation safe. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Have a dedicated profile. Consider buying likes in a profile specifically for this task, so your genuine likes and followers will be safer.
  • Don’t rush to large numbers of likes in a short period. Take your time and spread the likes evenly. Stormlikes randomization and delay functions are very useful here.
  • Make friends and engage with the content of others. Only hoarding likes is more likely to get you in trouble.
  • Keep track of the likes you buy. You have to know how many of them are organic. If you are starting to get more and more organic likes, your strategy is working. 

Besides all the tips above, it is important to get more familiar with the product. So, before you even start, read a Stormlikes review discussing its alternatives as well. 


Stormlikes’ business secret is how the service actually functions. While no one can know for sure, nonetheless, it’s still a handy tool with risks that can be managed.

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