7 Ways Video Can Boost Your Business

Top Get 7 Ways Video Can Boost Your Business

7 Ways Video Can Boost Your Business: Videos are fast becoming the most preferred tools for marketers who want to connect with their audiences and reach new audiences. There can be no doubt about the effectiveness of video marketing, and including just a simple video on your landing page can enhance conversion rates by more than 80%.

The mere mention of the term “video” in the subject line of your email can improve open rates by around 19%. But, even if you are already using videos in your marketing mix, there is always room to learn.

Different businesses use videos to achieve different goals- ranging from boosting SEO to increasing brand awareness. Here, we will be going through the seven best ways in which videos can help in boosting your business. Let’s dive in:

1. Videos Help in Increasing Brand Awareness

Increased brand awareness is the main objective of more than 72% of brands that make videos, and this automatically helps them in boosting their business. You can communicate with your consumers more effectively by using videos.

On the other hand, viewers find it easier to capture the key message of a brand and its vision when the same is presented in video form. A study puts down that the viewers retain 10% of the messages they read in textual form while 95% of the same messages when provided in video form.

Good quality videos will help your business reach new audiences and attract them to your website and social media profiles. Take this example from Tasty, a Buzzfeed brand. The videos from this brand are not for selling products directly, and instead, they are for entertaining the new audiences. This ultimately helps the brand in increasing its awareness.

2. Improved Conversion Rates

As more and more people get to know about your business, it will also bring more views to your videos, increasing sales. Good quality brand videos are great at facilitating the viewers’ attachment to brands, bringing them closer to their buying decision.

To get convinced about this point, you must know that 84% of the viewers say they purchased a product or a service from their favorite brand after watching its video. Additionally, 78% of the marketers claim that videos have directly helped them increase sales.

3. Videos Build Brand Authority

Videos are good at building brand authority on a certain subject and demonstrating the expertise of a brand. This ideally means that when users search for assistance on a specific subject, your brand will appear in their search. Once the viewers have finished watching your video, if they feel that they have gained an exclusive insight, they will rely on your brand and go through what you have on offer.

For instance, when you search for videos on “How to run a vlookup on Google,” you will find Microsoft appearing in the first two results. That’s because Microsoft has made a video showcasing its expertise in Excel products and, more specifically, anything related to data and technology.

4. Accelerated Buying Procedure

Videos help organizations in diluting their buying procedure and in securing deals quickly. Videos are an easy and fast way of getting people’s attention, talking to them, educating and entertaining them, and letting them know about your brand, product, or service.

88% of the customers take buying action after watching videos from a brand. It is way easier to explain products and services through videos.

Also, people are drawn to video content naturally, which makes videos a quick way of driving engagement and winning customers.

5. Video Stories Skyrocket the Reach of a Brand

Numbers show that 78% of the individuals watch videos on a weekly basis, while 55% of the online users watch them regularly. Added to that, 54% of the individuals want to see more videos from brands. These figures make videos the most popular social media asset your business can invest in.

Take the example of Gant, the clothing company that celebrated its 70th anniversary by making a touching animated video narrating the story of its founders- Rebecca and Bernard Gantmacher.

Gant’s video follows the journey of its founders, their struggles, and their eventual success story. It is scientifically proven that stories help in drawing more attention, making them perfect for social media videos.

They are good at stimulating brain activity and can make real changes to the viewers’ actions, thoughts, and feelings. Gant’s approach is the perfect example of video storytelling done right.

You can even have your story make a great impact if you follow Gant’s example and make a similar brand video story using a video maker. Share core values of your business or discuss much-required plans in your animated video to gain exposure.

6. Videos Are Good at Educating the Customers

When trying to explain technology to non-technical buyers or a business procedure with several interacting elements and steps, combining animation and audio can help businesses.

Explainer videos of three to five minutes can work better than a white paper that needs more than an hour of attentive focus from the readers. Informative videos help the prospects understand your products and services, which automatically drives sales.

Take the example of Budget Dumpster, a national dumpster rental company that uses videos for educating and validating its dumpster rental procedure for the customers. The company provides a brief but detailed overview of renting its dumpsters through its videos which have helped its users over time.

A good rule of thumb here is to use explainer and product demonstration videos on your About Us or Home pages along with your Facebook and YouTube pages.

7. Videos Build Trust

Top-quality videos humanize a brand and are good at creating trust among the viewers. When you use videos to show the customers that you are aware of their requirements and problems and that your company is dedicated to providing the best possible products and services, they will automatically start depending on your brand.

But being authentic is very important here because people dislike scripted content and made-up stories.

The Bottom Line

Using videos for boosting your business is undoubtedly beneficial. You can use videos to capture attention, reach more viewers, and showcase the benefits and features of your products most creatively and compellingly.

Video is the most powerful tool your business can use for conveying a message and illustrating your point quickly and clearly through storytelling, sketches, movement, emotion, and sound.

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