Macrame Cords: What are They and Their Uses?

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Macrame Cords: Macrame is a type of cordage made from knotting together various materials. They have been used for centuries in everything from jewelry to furniture. Today, they are still popular for many different applications. In this article, you will learn about the different types of Macrame cord by Ravenox and their uses!

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What are Macrame Cords?

These cords are made by knotting together various materials. The most popular material is cotton, but other materials such as wool, jute, and even synthetic fibers can be used. This type of cordage is very strong and can be used for various applications.

Types of Macrame Cords

There are many different cords, each with its unique uses.

  • Cotton

Cotton cords are typically used for crafting projects such as knitting and weaving. They are made from natural cotton fibers twisted together to form a rope-like material. This rope is then dyed in various colors and cut into lengths that are suitable for varying projects. These are strong yet pliable, making them ideal for various applications. 

In addition, the cords are often pre-washed and softened, which helps to prevent fraying during the crafting process. 

  • Wool

These cords are generally thicker and sturdier than cotton cords, making them better suited for projects requiring more strength. They can also be used for projects exposed to the elements, as they are less likely to rot or mildew than other materials. 

However, wool cords can be more challenging to work with as they are not as pliable as cotton or synthetic fibers.

  • Jute

These are a type of cord made from natural jute fiber. They are solid and durable, making them ideal for various uses, including macrame, crafts, and general-purpose tying and binding. 

They will break down naturally over time without harming the environment. Jute ones are also eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them an excellent choice for a more sustainable option.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic cords are made from artificial materials such as polyester, nylon, or acrylic. These fibers are often blended to create strong, durable, and pliable cordage. Synthetic fibers are also less likely to fray or rot than natural fibers, making them good for projects exposed to the elements. However, they are not as eco-friendly as natural fibers like cotton or jute.

Uses for Cords

These cords can be used for various applications, both indoor and outdoor. Here are some popular uses for Macrame cord by Ravenox:

  • Hanging Planters or Wall Decor: They can be used to create beautiful hanging planters or wall decor. The cordage is strong enough to support the weight of plants or other decorations, and the knots can be easily adjusted to change the shape or size of the design.
  • Furniture: They are usually used to create unique pieces of furniture such as chairs, benches, and stools. It can be used to create the piece’s frame, or it can be used to weave a seat or backrest. This cordage is also often used to create decorative accents such as fringe or tassels.
  • Jewelry: You can create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry with these cords. The knots can be easily adjusted to change the length or style of the piece, and the cordage can be dyed or embellished to match your style.
  • Belts, Bags, and More: Macrame is used in making belts, bags, and other accouterments. The string is sturdy to bear the weight of these goods and may be readily modified to alter the size or form.
  • Rugs: These cords are versatile enough to create unique and beautiful rugs. The cordage is solid and durable, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. The knots may be readily adjusted to alter the rug’s form or size.

So, there you have it! You can get started on your next project now that you know what they are and what they’re used for.

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